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Leo "Light" Andersen (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Kirill Langley (Lead Guitar), Alex Shustoff (Bass Guitar), Kirill Pargin (Drums)

Paraline – From Greek “πᾰρά” – near, about, by – beyond the line. From Latin – equal, pair, or two.

Paraline are an alternative rock project, initiated by two brothers who musically explore the glory and tragedy of their own mirrored duality, like parallel lines that are symmetrically pleasing yet never connecting, one playing foil for the other and vice versa until nothing is left but raw truth. Consequently, the four members of the band as a unified force create a spectacular genre-defying fusion of insightful lyrics and haunting melodies that carry a profound and symbolic undertone denouncing totalitarianism, imperialism, and barbarism.

Leo “Light” Andersen is the band’s charismatic lead vocalist and prolific songwriter, creating the heart and soul of Paraline’s sound. He writes songs that explore profound themes that illustrate searching for meaning, introspection, and the human experience. Kirill Langley, Leo’s younger brother, is a highly talented and versatile sound engineer who plays a crucial role in shaping the band’s soundscape. Beyond his audio expertise, Kirill also holds the position of a band’s solo guitar player, adding stylistic virtuosity and stage presence to the project. Alex Shustoff is the first line of defense for the band’s musical testing. He is the administrative brain behind the band’s processes and plays a significant role in the creative decisions. His basslines are the driving force behind the band’s heavy sound, setting the stage for Paraline’s distinctive style. Finally, Kirill Pargin is the band’s solid and versatile drummer, infusing the band’s music with mastery and grooviness.

In terms of the timeline, we are all fortunate to be able to celebrate this powerful and important project just taking flight. In 2014, Leo “Light” Andersen decided to write music that would create passion and change, and in 2016, he turned to Alex Shustoff to start recording demo songs that were aesthetic and explosive, culturally relevant and authentic. As the poet Robert Frost would have suggested, they took the road less traveled, avoiding the confines of a traditional studio by setting up shop in an old abandoned house filled with dark corners and passageways. There, they could experiment with the electronics to make innovative sounds dance about the eaves in flashes and starts like spirits and phantoms finding hope in the shadows. As mentioned previously, Leo’s brother, Kirill Langley, had a similar obsession for innovative recording, and he soon joined the band to assist in the creation of songs that would launch them from an underdog solo project with potential, to a supercharged rock band, including Alex Shustoff and Kirill Pargin, all ready to conquer the globe. Of course, rockers initiating their journey during this particular time period, had to overcome momentous obstacles including the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, but Paraline persevered, sticking together during the darkest of times and more currently playing live to great fanfare.

They recently signed with Eclipse Records and created the powerhouse album, Sound Weapon. This new record features five thrilling tracks, each capturing the raw power and vigor that has made Paraline a force to be reckoned with. Thematically, Sound Weapon serves as a resounding hymn for tough times, offering a fitting soundtrack for the turbulence of the modern world. The five songs: “Icarus,” “One Shot, One Kill,” “Hyperdynamic,” “1999,” and “Perfect Blue,” come together to create a powerful and emotive statement. From the stadium-ready anthem “Icarus” to the epic tragedy of “1999,” the energetic, percussive, and impactful drive of Sound Weapon stands as a testament to the power of music to unite people, inspire change, and reflect the complex beauty of the human experience.

Sound Weapon was released by Eclipse Records on March 1, 2024