Paraline recount final moments of a legendary musical hero in new “One Shot, One Kill” music video


Genre-defying Alternative Rock band Paraline are back with a new music video entitled “One Shot, One Kill“. This is the fourth music video from their new EP album Sound Weapon which was recently released on March 1, 2024. The music video was directed by Leo Andersen, and the album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Paraline. Listen to the album on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon Music, at this location, and watch the music video via YouTube below:


About Paraline’s “One Shot, One Kill” Music Video

“There is hardly a musician in the world who does not respect Kurt Cobain’s legacy.” says lead vocalist Leo Andresen. “If every generation has its day when music died, then for ours, that day was April 5, 1994 – almost exactly 30 years ago. This is why the theme of this video was extremely important to us. Since the song itself was originally written about Kurt, I am glad that we had the opportunity to realize this idea. The question ‘Why he did it?’ haunts me as a musician and a compassionate human being, and I wanted to pay respect to the bright but short path he took. This video was something completely new for us. We were not just shooting something abstract; we were talking about a real person for whom we have a lot of respect. We felt our responsibility and had an unusual feeling of uneasiness because of it. We were making a music video about a man we never knew, but who had an incredibly strong influence on all of us and possibly the whole world. He shaped the musical taste of more than one generation of listeners and musicians and did a lot for us personally, for which we will always respect and love this man. Lead guitarist Kirill Langley continues, “There was something very chilling about this production. Even though we created the video from a place of respect and love, researching and reimagining the scene and props was hard, emotionally and mentally. We did something of an alternative history at the end of this video, but it’s still open for interpretation – it’s up to you to decide if the man in black is real or is something like The Grim Reaper.” Bassist Alex Shustoff adds, “We created four music videos on our own within the past six months. We starved and almost froze to death with ‘Icarus’, almost got electrocuted with ‘Hyperdynamic’, and this time… was more about an emotional struggle. The first time I saw our guy in character, I thought I’d seen a ghost! And let’s just say guns and drugs are no toys… I hope that somewhere in the parallel universe, all our heroes: Layne, Chester, Keith, Chris, Kurt, and many more are doing well. This is for them.”


About the album Sound Weapon by Paraline

Sound Weapon by ParalineThe new EP titled Sound Weapon by alternative rock band Paraline is a battle cry straight from the soul. Packed into a military box featured on the album cover, this “weapon” thematically explores the glory and tragedy of mirrored duality through its music: parallel lines symmetrically perfect yet never connecting, like the brothers in the band. Musically, the groove is the key to the cages of the lockup, and it was recently released on March 1, 2024. The regal guitars open the war-chest, and the vocals are a smooth and lustrous searchlight chasing fear to the shadows and demons back into their snake pits. Plainly, the band takes rock music to a new level. The lyrics, interpreted literally, explore the chains and shackles of society, friends gone wrong, politics and relationships, and denials leading to emptiness. Moreso, however, this album is an epic example of what is most coveted in any art form. Sound Weapon is a sketchbook for the listener’s past and a launching pad for unrequited, bold imagination. Whether you see heaven, cold hell, the dazzling skin of the sun, or a sinister mist underneath a low moon, this record paints pictures that celebrate your journey and make your mystery rich and immortal. Now it is your turn to find out – what is in the box?

So far, the band has released four music videos from the album for the songs entitled “One Shot, One Kill”, “Hyperdynamic”, “Icarus”, and “1999”. Watch them all at this location. Listen to Sound Weapon by Paraline on all platforms via


More information about Paraline

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Paraline discography
Sound Weapon (EP) – 2024
Apocalypse Now
(single) – 2021
Time Has Gone Too Far (single) – 2019
The Fall
(single) – 2019
The One
(single) – 2019
Demonstration Record
(EP) – 2017

Paraline lineup
Leo “Light” Andersen (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Kirill Langley (Lead Guitar), Alex Shustoff (Bass Guitar), Kirill Pargin (Drums)


Photo: Tim Swanson



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