Sound Weapon – Paraline

  • Artist:   Paraline
    Release Date:   March 1, 2024
    Format:   EP
    Total Length (MM:SS):   20:08
    Catalog No:   ECLP 97102
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647971027

    ©2024 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Paraline

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Sound Weapon by Paraline

The new album titled Sound Weapon by alternative rock band Paraline is a battle cry straight from the soul. Packed into a military box featured on the album cover, this “weapon” thematically explores the glory and tragedy of mirrored duality through its music: parallel lines symmetrically perfect yet never connecting, like the brothers in the band, one playing foil for the other and visa versa until nothing is left but raw truth. Musically, the groove is the key to the cages of the lockup. The regal guitars open the war-chest, and the vocals are a smooth and lustrous searchlight chasing fear to the shadows and demons back into their snake pits.

Plainly, the band takes rock music to a new level. The lyrics, interpreted literally, explore the chains and shackles of society, friends gone wrong, politics and relationships, and denials leading to emptiness. Moreso, however, this album is an epic example of what is most coveted in any artform. The album’s first single 1999, was created against the backdrop of anti-war sentiment, particularly as a result of the events surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This song carries a profound and symbolic condemnation of dictators and the cruelty of imperialism. Musically, this is a powerful statement that will resonate in the heart and the spine. For the second single off the album, if they made a movie about a rock song so epic that it shook the planet, Icarus would be the world-famous soundtrack. A driving sound, big and sonically gratifying, this track is crafted with intimacy in the hook, rosin-bow-sirens for sweet suspense, and glorious vocal fry as the payoff. Emblematically, this song is about attempting to escape from totalitarianism and rediscovering the sweet taste of freedom.

Sound Weapon is a sketchbook for the listener’s past and a launching pad for unrequited, bold imagination. Whether you see heaven, cold hell, the dazzling skin of the sun, or a sinister mist underneath a low moon, this record paints pictures that celebrate your journey and make your mystery rich and immortal. Now it is your turn to find out – what is in the box.

Press Quotes & Highlights:

  • (11/10)“Paraline has quickly become one of my favourite artists this year”Novacaine UK
  • (9.9/10)“there is 99 reasons to love this. It’s catchy, it’s heavy and it’s fncking fantastic”Hangman Entertainment
  • (9/10) ““Sound Weapon” is five tracks of alternative rock greatness, I loved every song on the album. Its an absolute must to listen to or purchase for alternative rock band fans… a band to watch out for.” – Metal Temple
  • (7/10) “Paraline have taking some risks with fusing a more experimental and expansive sound. For the most part, this is has certainly hit the mark! ” – Ever Metal
  • “Sound Weapon by Paraline is not only a battle cry but a call to arms for the disillusioned and disenfranchised.”Amplify the Noise
  • (3/5)“I fully enjoyed the overall tone, and the production is very fresh, and this band is an exciting new chapter to the rock world!”The Metal Mag
  • “a lot of promise in the alternative rock world, with musical choices and melodies that will stay with the listener long after the album closes”Rockway GR

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