Hyperdynamic by Paraline


“Hyperdynamic” music video by Paraline, an alternative rock band with a genre-defying fusion of haunting melodies and insightful lyrics. This is the third music video from the band’s EP album entitled Sound Weapon which was released on March 1, 2024. The video was directed by Leo Andersen. The album was produced, mixed, and mastered by Paraline.

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Fear is the feeling brought you here
A search for something more my dear
You’ve got to see what I can do
But first I’ll give you one more clue
Eventually, we all will die
Easy to say but you may try
To live a life like all we should
Without fear, without hope
Feel my whole world
Like it’s paradise
Hell or heaven
This is all I’ve got
Still, what happens now, it isn’t right
You spend a day, you spend a night
Can’t be a rebel with no fight
This is the truth you have to hide
They’ll find a way to make you calm
Become a Citizen Safe One
Without a drive, you’re a harmless Whig
But it’s so fun to pull your strings
Feel my whole world
Like it’s paradise
Hell or heaven
This is all I’ve got
Feel my whole world
When it’s paradise
Hell or heaven
This is my whole life
Feel my whole world (Feel my whole world)
Like it’s paradise
This is Paraline

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