Benthos – Debris // Essence


Debris // Essence by Benthos

“Debris // Essence” by Benthos, an experimental progressive metal band from Milan, Italy. This is the first single from the band’s debut full-length album ‘II‘ which was released worldwide on April 23, 2021. The album was produced by Matteo Magni (Anewrage, Deep As Ocean) at Magnitude Recording Studio.

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Turn on CC for lyrics: Diving, The current hinders me But I must go As far as the sun, cannot touch me (pitch black) Slowly losing my senses Falling Floating inside Fear is rotting me Sinking Distorted reality is changing my essence. Suddenly my body hits the ground And all I can feel is a painful void All these thoughts lying in the soil Debris of a race that had never witnessed The true nature of this world This substrate of fear Is all I’ve know in my existence Infinite silence The water slowly moves beneath my skin The true source reveals A reality where time doesn’t exist Falling Floating inside Truth is shining through Rising Motionless reality is revealing our essence A reality where time doesn’t exist. Falling

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