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Gabriele Landillo (vocal), Gabriele Papagni (guitars), Enrico Tripodi (guitars), Alberto Fiorani (bass), Alessandro Tagliani (drums)

Benthos is an experimental progressive metal band from Milan, Italy. Since 2018, the band have been developing a growing fanbase due to their unique songwriting style. By combining ethereal atmospheric song structures with geometric heavy riffs, the result is a unique universe of sounds which you must hear to believe.

Gabriele Papagni and Enrico Tripoldi met towards the end of 2017, while they were both studying classical guitar at Italy’s largest music university, The Guiseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music. They both grew up playing many different styles of music, and quickly found they shared the same passion for classical music as well as progressive rock and metal. While on holiday break, Gabriele Landillo (who was Enrico’s classmate in high school) heard some demos the two of them had written and when he asked to get involved, the band quickly began to take shape. Throughout early-mid 2018, the trio held auditions for a drummer and bassist, however they couldn’t seem to find the right musicians for the band. By an accidental coincidence however, Gabriele Papagni stumbled upon Alberto Fiorani and Alessandro Tagliani at a local venue, and he was so impressed that the two ended up joining the band and the lineup was complete.

The band wrote several songs during 2018, which also evolved as the lineup solidified. With many varying influences ranging from renaissance music, jazz fusion, math rock, classical guitar, and of course heavy metal, they began to develop a delicate balance among these varying elements and plot a course towards developing their own unique sound as a band.

After scoring a support gig opening for The Contortionist at Circolo Svolta in Milan, the band was tapped by producer & engineer Matteo Magni (Anewrage, Deep As Ocean). Shortly thereafter in the Winter of 2019, the band entered Magnitude Recording Studio to begin tracking their debut album. Fortunately, the album which would be titled “II” was finished before the pandemic hit Europe and the Italian government locked down. Despite the band being in quarantine, they were able to reach out to a select few record companies and quickly gained the attention of Eclipse Records. After a few Zoom meetings the band signed an exclusive worldwide deal with the American record label.

“II” was released worldwide via Eclipse Records on April 23, 2021.