Alternative rockers Shape of Water get dragged down by a succubus in new “The Snoot” music video & single


British alternative art rock band Shape Of Water have just revealed a new music video for their new single “The Snoot“, as well as announcing the availability of pre-orders for their upcoming LP album Amor Fati which is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2022 via Eclipse Records. The video was directed by Luca De Falco. Stream the single on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, or Amazon Music and watch the video via YouTube below:

“We actually started writing The Snoot during one of our lockdown livestreams in March of 2021” says guitarist Luca De Falco.I started playing this riff, some fans who were watching live offered some feedback, then Rox and I worked on it some more over the course of the next few months.” Watch the actual birth of the song which was livestreamed by the band on March 23rd, via their Facebook page at this location. Lead vocalist & keyboardist Rox Capriotti continues, It was a very intense period of time in our lives. The Snoot literally talks about abusing certain substances and not finding a way out. The addiction (in the video), is represented by the succubus who’s trying to drag the band down and the band is looking for help saying ‘take her away from me’.”

Amor Fati by Shape Of WaterThe new album by Shape Of Water is titled, Amor Fati, Latin for “Love of Fate,” alluding to Nietzsche and the philosophy of determinism which would imply that destiny is already written and we must embrace the meaninglessness of our free will. Furthermore, this aesthetic (and rocking) masterpiece delivers a poignant message about isolation as a swansong, speaking to the awesome potential of humankind as we ironically and tragically blend into one another. We wear masks of balance and hope, yet death makes us dust that slips away in the wind. We create powerful machines and build monuments of hope, but we lose ourselves in the process. Musically, the album is as diverse as it is sonically pleasing. Instead of guitar power chords used for punch and dynamics, Shape of Water employs tactical low-toned synths in a fashion similar to John Carpenter utilizing what he called “stingers,” lending impact and potency to the given Michael Meyers sighting. On the mid and high end, the band delivers various styles of expressive, elegant and dynamic keyboards: delicate and refined and soaring and bold. Guitars are used tastefully, so smoothly at times that one might mistake them for keyboards and visa-versa, and the vocals are what Salieri, in the film Amadeus, called an “absolute beauty.”

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Shape Of Water discography
Amor Fati (LP) – 2022
A Ghost In Manchester / Mr. Sandman (single) – 2021
Livestream from Mars (LP) – 2021
Lockdown On Mars (EP) – 2021
Great Illusions (LP) – 2020

Shape Of Water lineup
Rox Capriotti (vocals, keyboards, bass guitar, arrangements), Luca De Falco (guitars, backing vocals, artworks)

Shape Of Water

Photo: Tatiana Biancucci


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