Gomad! & Monster

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Sebastian Shinobi (lead vocals), Doc Inari (guitar & backing vocals), Ivy (drums & backing vocals), Alex Tena (DJ & synths)

Gomad! & Monster are an electronic rock band from Madrid (Spain). They formed in 2011, aiming for the perfect synthesis of rock, metal, and electronic music that would architect the soundtrack to all our bold adventures, lighting up the sky and painting murals in the moon-shadows, haunting the devil, laughing right in his grill. Gomad! & Monster are: Ivy (Drums), Alex Tena (DJ/Synths), Sebastian Shinobi (Vocals), and Doc Inari (Guitar).

The band’s first original song, “Rotten,” was released as a single in 2014, and it became the band’s calling card for inventing a new subgenre referred to as “rave and roll,” that which would incorporate jungle, techno, metal step, drum and bass, and hard rock. That year, they also released the EP titled Meltdown, next demonstrating more of an industrial metal feel with “Volcano” and “Feel It” in collaboration with the band Eyes of Providence and the singer David Ros, released by Sony Music. In 2015, Gomad! & Monster composed a song called “Under Control” for the video game Need for Speed by EA Games (Play Station/Sony), and in 2016 they released the first EP in the Apocalypse Series, titled: Antichrist, followed by War in 2017, both featuring spectacular cover art designed by Italian artist Roberto Oletto. In 2017 they released the singles “Shuffle” and “Freedom” through Natas Records, and in 2019, they put out the LP, The Inner Encouraged Desire through Maldito Records, featuring collaborations with Matt Rose, MC Coppa, Cmd Cntrl, Jon Howard, Julia Marks, Richy Nix, The Game Shop, Cloud 9, and Evangelos and Subshock. In 2021, the band released “Kingdom Come” and they recently signed with Eclipse Records, pop the champagne!

Over the years, Gomad! & Monster have cultivated a loyal fan base both in their home country and across Europe, performing at various clubs and festivals in countries like Greece, Russia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Portugal, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, and Spain. They opened for The Prodigy during their Baltic Tour. They won the “Best Bass Music Artist” award at the Vicious Music Awards and recorded a performance for Spain’s public television (RTVE). They participated in international conferences, like Microsoft-Xbox’s “E3” in Los Angeles, and also performed at iconic venues and festivals such as “Red Bull X-Fighters” in Madrid’s Plaza de Toros de las Ventas, Seville’s Olympic Stadium, “Arenal Sound” for six consecutive years, “Al Rumbo” (with over 60k attendees), and “Rock for People,” (among others). They have shared the stage with notable bands like Motorhead, Pendulum, Placebo, Mastodon, Evanescence, Die Antwoord, Crystal Fighters, and HIM, amassing over a million streams across various music platforms throughout their stellar career.

Currently, Gomad! & Monster are proud to announce the launch, through Eclipse Records, of their upcoming EP titled Sickness. This record marks the third of four in the aforementioned Apocalypse series, as each represents one of the infamous four horsemen. Sickness is presented with the cover art (designed by Edu Velasco), depicting a post-apocalyptic urban landscape featuring legendary buildings from the band’s hometown, notably their most iconic hospital. In reference to the intricate layering sound Gomad! & Monster construct, it begins with a guitar/synth blend that is rich and outrageous, featuring Neural DSP digital amps and personally created patches from a Kemper Profiling Rack. As for guitars, they utilized a Fernadez Ravelle with a sustain kill switch on the pickup, an American Gibson Flying V, and a Mayones Regious 4ever 8 string. For the bass, they used an Inferno, and the vocals were created through a Neuman Tim103 going through an Avelon compressor, Eq, and preamp through a Universal Audio Apollo 8, often layered in whispers and screams. In other words, the ornate recording process itself is a living, breathing part of the band’s process, and the EP Sickness will rock you, roll you, pop you and drop you, making you want to dance, fuck and fight, and take over the world.

Sickness was released by Eclipse Records on April 26, 2024