The OddEven

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Weed (bass guitar), E.T. (guitar), Chris Volz (vocals), Tosha Jones (drums)

The OddEven are an alternative metal band known for riff-oriented hard rock with a massive groove and hypnotic kick that will spin you around on your barstool and get you to your feet in a jam-packed arena. Similar to the way that Nikola Tesla and Leonardo Da Vinci said their inspiration came from somewhere beyond earth, Weed (bass) and E.T. (guitar) write the songs as if harnessing the power of divine intervention. Chris Volz of Flaw handles the vocals with brilliant expertise, and Tosha Jones (ex-Saliva) works her magic on drums.

As for the origin story, we have the legal obligation here at Eclipse to inform our listening audience that the two founding members of The OddEven are, in fact, infamous secrets that the government has been hiding for years in reference to Hangar #3 on the grounds of Area 51. Originally, Weed and E.T. were found inside pressurized sleeping chambers in a strange pod-shaped craft that had crash landed near an opal mine in the south Nevada desert. The two aliens were composed of a crystallite substance with silver colored blood pulsing through semi-transparent veins. Weed was configured in the shape of a man-sized king cobra and E.T. resembled a mammoth two-headed scorpion. There were odd shaped medallions piled at the foot of each enclosure and odd-looking string instruments in the side-compartments, indicating that the strange beings were both leaders of some alien warrior class as well as musicians, and they woke and communicated with each other, sounding vaguely like grunge guitars with someone twisting the tuning pegs. The two were then quickly transported to “Hangar #3” and caged in glass observation booths next to the bone saws, dissection scalpels, power drills, and rinse basins. On three nearby operating tables were the blood-spattered heads of other aliens stuck on trophy spikes and in sheet pans, and the next morning, January 1st, 2019, officers discovered that the new prisoners had vanished.

Rumor has it that overnight the two outworlders broke containment and discovered the robotics lab, where they pilfered capsules containing nanobot technology that they used to redevelop themselves in human form, learning the history of earth’s rock and roll, every album ever made, every stream, every single, every YouTube video, review, and social media post. The mapping-ware was self-learning, and in seconds they were writing their own new chapter, developing their own sounds and souls, new musical journeys, and “post-prison-break” they reasoned that separation was the best tactic to cloak their strange presence in the new world. Slowly, they worked their way into new lives, into blissful forgetfulness, and it was only when Weed took a DNA test that he realized he had no DNA, that he had to wake up, and that he had to find E.T. to figure a way to deal with this broken and wonderful sea of humanity.

It was not long before The OddEven were opening for Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango, Soulfly, Last in Line (Dio), and Nonpoint, plus headlining shows in FL, MS, New York City, and Philly with seasoned musicians.

The band’s first record, Space Juice, arrived on Earth on 4.20.20.  It spawned two singles “Again” and “Bleed for Something” which each cracked Billboard’s Mainstream Rock top 30 and Foundations top 15 charts.  In early 2021, the band recorded “Dance of the Dead” and released it on 9.24.21 (Pavement Entertainment).  Touring commenced in July 2021 in Florida with a couple of headlining shows plus opening for Slaughter and LA Guns. In September and October, The OddEven completed a thirty-city cross-country tour with Adema and Flaw, where Weed and E.T. became friends with Chris from Flaw and began discussions about working together on the next album. “Dance of the Dead” (title track) reached #8 on the Foundations and #20 on the Billboard radio charts in Nov. 2021.

Currently, The OddEven have signed with Eclipse Records in conjunction with completing their signature album titled, Darkness, the songs crafted with infectious vocals and harmonies, bass lines with bottom and boost, guitars that scream, cry, and sing, and drumming that is heartfelt, supreme. The band releasd music videos for the songs “Wild West“, “Another Nail“, and “Whiskey“. Darkness is not just a record, but more an experience where the late 90s and early 2000s came calling, the band answered the phone, and then reshaped the landscape with fresh musical superstructures. Prepare for liftoff. Prepare to be wowed.

Darkness by The OddEven was released by Eclipse Records on January 5, 2024.