Vonavibe – Vonavibe


“Vonavibe” music video by Vonavibe, a heavy modern rock band from Athens (Greece). This is the second music video and single from the band’s full-length album Bleed to Life which was released on May 26, 2023. The video was directed by Peggy Psarrou. The album was produced, recorded, and mixed by Dyon, and mastered by John Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Production.

DOWNLOAD or LISTEN to ‘Vonavibe’ at https://ffm.to/vnvvnv

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Well come on inside
Step right into your mind
Nothing’s wrong nothing’s right
Nothing was and all is fine
Come on fall, fly and dream
Of every single thing and one
That you love, hate
Or just don’t care enough
High and low, far and close
Doesn’t matter how it goes
It is never gonna fill in the holes
So try and make a run
For the sun
Burning everything that’s wrong
Was it all that, what you hoped for so long?
And I will always be inside
Every truth your every lie
Every single day and night
Making sure you never find
Why hello, you’re back
How you’ve been I kept track
Every nightmare you had
How you cried and why you laughed
Come on crawl, cry and hope
For every single thing and one
For the love, hate and where it all belongs
High and low far and close
Doesn’t matter how it goes
It is never gonna fill in the holes
Rise and fall hate and love
Holding on letting go
Darkness light death and life
Live let die and always fight
Hold on tight every time
Every single truth and lie
Every fright that may lie
Never lost is vonavibe

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