Towards the Melting Library – Mycelia


Towards the Melting Library / The Librarian and the Flock of Birds by Mycelia

“Towards the Melting Library / The Librarian and the Flock of Birds” by Mycelia, a djent metal band from Zurich, Switzerland. This is the second music video & single from the band’s fifth full-length album In A Late Country which was released on September 16, 2022. The video was directed by Theo Benjamin. The album was produced by Marc Trummer (Sinverse, Atropas, The Kete Effect) at Kid In The Studio and mastered by Acle Kahney (TesseracT) at 4D Sounds. The album art was created by Logan Prenshaw (Valorant, Avatar, LoL).

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LYRICS: di prisco: Hey Marv, you’re really trending on ijudge more than thirty thousand guilties already! That’s not bad, even for you.
marvell: Shut up! Let’s go!
di prisco: Where to?
marvell: The melting library!
di prisco: The melting library it is!
marvell: Any news from l.y.n.x.?
di prisco: Listen dude, I strolled through so many empty corridors of code; I found nothing..
marvell: Did you look well enough?
di prisco: I did my best. I was a little scared, though. I mean all these dark paths, you don’t know just what could be living down there.
marvell: Hm, can’t be much worse than what’s living out here.
di prisco: Is Ava at the melting?
marvell: Madeleine told me she could be; Maybe she’s with the Ultrahydraulists
di prisco: She has a thing for danger, hasn’t she?
marvell: I find it strange that i haven’t been arrested yet. I mean I’m wanted for freakin’ murder after all!
di prisco: Sometimes I think they’re getting tired of policing; just tired very tired; or maybe the whole police has been evacuated and left us on our own to die with our city.
marvell: I think something’s fishy..
di prisco: Maybe the melting library is a trap..
marvell: It’s my only real lead.
di prisco: If you say so.
marvell: But go back to l.y.n.x. and continue your search; please.
di prisco: But I’m scared!
marvell: Everyone’s scared. Your fear doesn’t make a difference; sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, you know, you’re my best friend; and probably my only true hope!
di prisco: Hm ok alright. I’ll go a second time; but it will be the last time.
marvell: Thank you!
di prisco: Anyway, here comes the melting!
Chorus: Disintegrate!

The Librarian and the Flock of Birds LYRICS:
chorus: here is recorded the passing of time
in passing; the rising wind of time
swiping over the face of earth; man
disappearing like a face drawn in sand
see these dark chambers see these halls
see the amber light and the dust in the halls
here lie the archives of our passing days
in slumber; only the passing stays
here lie conserved the ends of all affinities
let us not speak of law and deities
here comes Marvell his footfall echoing
al-kitab: What are you looking for, traveller?
marvell: Who are you?
al-kitab: I am Al-Kitab. I am the librarian; what can I do for you?
marvell: I guess, I’m looking for; for a girl; my girl..
al-kitab: And who is your girl?
marvell: Her name is Ava!
al-kitab: Never heard!
marvell: I need to find her!
al-kitab: See, you know what this is, right? You know what the melting library is?
marvell: i don’t care what it is. I’m looking for Ava and then i’ll be gone without even saying goodbye. If you want, I’ll forget whatever this is.
al-kitab: You cannot forget what this is; this is the hemorrhage of time. This is the architecture of prophecy. Each thing sings its exile.
marvell: Look, I respect your religion and all, but I need to find this girl. They told me she is with the Ultrahydraulists. Are they here?
al-kitab: Oh, yes. They are in the upper gallery; planning on whatever they find important right now; they are all pitifully concerned with that city of yours. You all think it is the end of it that little city.
marvell: With 120 million inhabitants.
al-kitab: Dust and shadow; this globe is wider than your feeble thinking.
marvell: I know there is something outside of this city.
al-kitab: Ah but you do not realize the scale and the majesty; the deserts of vast eternity the ocean breaking on pale coasts and the wind asleep between mountains; and the ulugh beg in his silent tower the eye of law the voice of law the hand of law praise be
marvell: Please excuse me, I’m in a hurry.
al-kitab: You overestimate the importance of your downfall; loss is the only grace you can attain.

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