The Stone Eye – Witches & Raptures


Witches & Raptures by The Stone Eye

“Witches & Raptures” by The Stone Eye, a progressive sludge-rock band from Philadelphia (USA). This is the first single from the band’s sixth full-length album ‘South of the Sun‘ which was released worldwide on October 15, 2021.

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Turn on CC for lyrics: You’re a creature of reality, you’re a teacher of anatomy You’ll assist when the miles are free, you toy the line between your lovers and me Hibernation not a contradiction Falling over without our own suspicion Broken image what a night it could of been, flashing visions ‘til the light runs dim Witches and raptures Call on their servants And now we’re walking without our legs, dead weight brings us over the edge Saw my double with the blink of my eye, say sayonara now we’ll roll up and die Sing the song and you’ll be set free Takes an hour but you’ll believe it’s three A passage to another kingdom beneath, a fine belief before you curl up and scream Witches and raptures Call on their servants Witches and raptures Feasts for their masters

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