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Rise by Riseup

“Rise” by RiseuP, a groove metal band from Pszow, Poland. This is the third single from the band’s debut full-length album Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27 which was released worldwide on August 6, 2021. It was directed by Marcin Szaraniec at Bridge to Horizon and the album was produced by Arkadiusz Dzierżawa (Sandbreaker, Mors, Carura).

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Turn on CC for lyrics: Fear, not the dead. but those who are alive… It came with the wind and left with a raindrops Hidden in the mist fears and high hopes Everlasting twilight Seems to suit me well An iceberg between My entity and farewell Rise… rise into the mist… Rise with no fear I am glad I found you I am taking you home Rise like a dew Over the grass I am back I am merciful I missed you for so long Some would rip you apart Without a good reason They are driven by jealousy Crazy shit. Others will come In sheep’s skin. Just to convince you That you are worth nothing! Staying on the surface with one goal in mind Destroy Poison Bring Down Rise… rise into the dark… Rise without hope I am glad I found you I am taking you home Rise like a storm Over the sea You’re back You’re powerful I want you to stay I reject the science that Covers the fear, I know this fictive shelter It’s a poison to the soul It twists all the nature Snake eyes Phobia fear Snake eyes Phobia Fear Fear

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