Nereis – Two Wolves


Two Wolves (official music video)

Two Wolves (lyric video) by Nereis, an alternative metal band from Trento, Italy. This is the second single from the band’s second full-length album Turning Point which was released worldwide on June 8, 2018. The album was mixed by Mauro Andreolli at das Ende der Dinge.

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Video directed by Maurizio Del Piccolo

Turn on CC for lyrics: I will break the chains And I’ll use my brains I feel alive my friend No bad feelings I will tell you You’ll remember through the years my words Anger envy and greed Self-pity and guilt Ego and arrogance Sorrow lies and inferiority I promise I will fight till the end I, I will not lose against this weak wolf I, I am the good one I’m a hero I, I will not lose against this weak wolf I, I’ll write my destiny I’m a hero I, I will not lose this inner battle I, I’ll feed the good one He’s the hero

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