Naberus – Drones


Drones – (official video)

Drones (lyric video) by Naberus, a melodic metal band that fuses metalcore and thrash metal from Melbourne, Australia. This is the debut song from the band’s upcoming full-length album ‘The Lost Reveries‘ which will be released worldwide via Eclipse Records this coming Fall, 2016.

Lyrics: Mindless we stand like zombies free will not the choices we make programmed to go through the motions waiting for the day we break controlled by pieces of plastic worship the faces of note shining the hypnotic power question everything you know (we are) like sheep we senselessly follow the flocks every move (Never) stray from the pack as we’re toeing the line We toe the line (watch as) the drove is just so simply under control (simply) will this be it for the rest of your life? (is this your life?) Stop standing in line you’ve got a lot to learn in this life where nothing is free you tear down the walls to build bridges that fall from the sky will we ever? The bridges fall and the consequence rises for challenging the ones above corrupt their call they’re the ones who despise us use any means escape their grasp we are the aberration that breaks this system down simply the complication for those who wear the crown hold out your hands those who understand only you can make a difference question everything just spread your wings fly to your life’s ambition we’re so held back by all the negative drones

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