Naberus – Cohesion


Cohesion (official video)

Cohesion (music video) by Naberus, a melodic metal band that fuses metalcore and thrash metal from Melbourne, Australia. This is the second single from the band’s full-length album ‘The Lost Reveries‘ which will be released worldwide on December 2nd, 2016 via Eclipse Records. Audio produced by Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery, Elm Street, Orpheus) at Systematic Productions. This video was directed by Will Davies, James Ash, and Dan Ralph. Editing & post-production was done by Will Davies & James Ash. Filming took place at Eastgate Music Basement (Melbourne, Australia).

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Lyrics: They’re all around me these vicious attacks never fade spitting their poison from the leash that they strayed shift through the debris a spirit that’s crushed and betrayed the shattered mirror distorts the view that’s portrayed We are locked in a battle that not all can see they will rip through your soul all your memories insidious beings consume duality will we lay down and die? we will fight to be free we are one we will fight no surrender in sight hold your ground don’t back down we’ll take the crown everyday a new test but we’ll stand above the rest we’ll be ruthless this time (Embark the climb) we will fight we will dream we as one find freedom we will fight we will dream one last time for freedom they’re so relentless these memories refuse to fade when will you realize it’s yourself you betray? bound and defenseless the tears of a thousand blades slip of the tongue breaks all the promises made fall to your knees plead all your pleas slowly you’re ripped apart torn from the inside out battered this weary heart forever entrenched in doubt