Genus Ordinis Dei – Ritual


Ritual by Genus Ordinis Dei

Ritual by Genus Ordinis Dei, a symphonic death metal band from Crema, Italy. This is Episode 1 of the opera metal-music series / 10-song concept album Glare Of Deliverance which was released worldwide on December 4, 2020. The album was produced by Tommaso Monticelli at Sonitus Studio. The video was directed by Genus Ordinis Dei. Special thanks to all the band’s crowd-funding backers for making this epic opera a reality! Episode 1/10 “Ritual”: Eleanor’s journey towards the “Glare of Deliverance” has just begun. The Ritual has been broken. They are coming…

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Pictures, lights, camera, editing: Steve Saints –
Concept art: Tom Roberts –
Eleanor: Emilia Scarpati Fanetti –
Costumes and make-up: Floriana Setti –
Masks and make-up: Alessandra Faienza –
Horses and knights: Wild Horses Ranch –
Choirs: Il Circolo delle Quinte / Director: Margherita Colombo

Turn on CC for ‘Ritual’ lyrics: Unguento, unguento Dimmi la verità Spirerà il mio lamento Se l’amor tornerà? Unguento, unguento Pania e vanità Saran cenere al vento Se l’amor non verrà? Take Her

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