Genus Ordinis Dei – Judgement


Genus Ordinis Dei – Judgement

Judgement by Genus Ordinis Dei, a symphonic death metal band from Crema, Italy. “Judgement” is Episode 6 of the opera metal-music series / 10-song concept album Glare Of Deliverance which was released worldwide on December 4, 2020 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Tommaso Monticelli at Sonitus Studio. The video was directed by Genus Ordinis Dei and filmed on location at Malpaga Castle in Bergamo, Italy and the abandoned village of Marone near Domodossola, Italy. Special thanks to all the band’s crowd-funding backers for making this epic opera a reality!

Episode 6/10 “Judgement”: White as grace, black as sin. The Bishop sits on his throne and his One Eye will decide Eleanor’s fate… Will she be forgiven, or she will pay the price of guilt?

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Turn on CC for Genus Ordinis Dei Judgement lyrics: They eat the flesh Of his master The blood becomes wine In his glasses A sick bird falls On his head While he raises His folded hands The big eye Scans on a book It tells my life On its pages Pages of false words Words that Will change me today You witch On your knees Doomsday Eternal prayer You witch Hang your head I walk you To the end The dark Is casting shades Shapes that Become ghosts Ghosts dancing at The four corners Four fingers pierce me At his orders White stone For gold Black stone I fold White stone To become old Black stone To go back cold In every gesture I see the Sword I get mad hearing His words His story is A river in flood I won’t see I can’t breathe Every sentence Makes a stone Every stone Is a fragment A fragment of My tomorrow A blank future or A black sorrow Bianco come la grazia Nero come il peccato You witch Hang your head I walk you To the end The balance Lost its name While the ghosts draw Their spears and Stop the pain The big eye lights The black stone I despair I plead I cry I scream I stay alone.

Pictures, lights, camera, editing: Steve Saints –
Concept art: Tom Roberts –
Eleanor: Emilia Scarpati Fanetti –
Costumes and make-up: Floriana Setti –
Masks and make-up: Alessandra Faienza –
Horses and knights: Wild Horses Ranch –
Choirs: Il Circolo delle Quinte / Director: Margherita Colombo

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