Genus Ordinis Dei – Hunt


Hunt by Genus Ordinis Dei

Hunt by Genus Ordinis Dei, a symphonic death metal band from Crema, Italy. “Hunt” is Episode 2 of the opera metal-music series / 10-song concept album Glare Of Deliverance which was released worldwide on December 4, 2020. The album was produced by Tommaso Monticelli at Sonitus Studio. The video was directed by Genus Ordinis Dei. Special thanks to all the band’s crowd-funding backers for making this epic opera a reality!

Episode 2/10 “Hunt”: The Cross has reached the wild lands, chasing its prey. Eleanor runs for her life, escaping her fate. But the Heart Of Stone is lost in the deep of the forest, forever.

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Euro Press: Serena Bolsieri –
World Press: Eclipse Records –

Pictures, lights, camera, editing: Steve Saints –
Concept art: Tom Roberts –
Eleanor: Emilia Scarpati Fanetti –
Costumes and make-up: Floriana Setti –
Masks and make-up: Alessandra Faienza –
Horses and knights: Wild Horses Ranch –
Choirs: Il Circolo delle Quinte / Director: Margherita Colombo

Turn on CC for Hunt lyrics: I feel the cold Embrace of thorns My hands trapped in brambles My face scarred Against the branches Way too scared To look back Only screams and Shouts behind me Steeds of God Are hunting No one else is here To save me Three faceless shadows Coming from the haze They wanted me They knew my name My heavy breath Won’t last forever How long can i escape A certain end I Eleanor Run away From the Sword The heavy Cross Weighs on my soul I lost my Heart Of Stone They smell My blood Nature hide me Water wash me Black wolf great deer Dawn and bless me Hopeless hurt Exhausted I can’t hold on Any longer Steeds of God Are hunting No one else is here To save me Merciless soldiers Bringing death and pain They come for me They call my name Too hard for me To stand this Is going to be the end? I’m slowly ceding I can barely walk I’m falling Do I deserve this fate? Am I the one to blame? Is fire my savior? Do I deserve damnation? I Eleanor Run away From the Sword The Olive Branch Dissolves my hope I lost my Heart Of Stone Take her Surround her now Take her Silence her cries You Filthy daughter of evil Black-marked with sin You’ll no longer escape From the Justice You Nasty whore of the devil You will be cleansed With the Cross Or with fire Head back to the citadel The Black friar awaits

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