Genus Ordinis Dei – Abjuration


Genus Ordinis Dei – Abjuration

“Abjuration” by Genus Ordinis Dei, a symphonic death metal band from Crema, Italy. “Abjuration” is Episode 8 of the 10-song opera metal-music mini-series & concept album Glare Of Deliverance which was released worldwide on December 4, 2020 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Tommaso Monticelli at Sonitus Studio. The video was directed by Steve Saints & Genus Ordinis Dei and filmed on location at Malpaga Castle in Bergamo, Italy and the abandoned village of Marone near Domodossola, Italy. Special thanks to all the band’s crowd-funding backers for making this epic opera a reality!

Episode 8/10 “Abjuration”: The Cross demands repentance from Eleanor but The Fallen has other plans for his new servant.

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Turn on CC for lyrics: Open the gates Small man I’m ready One step No look back My faith stands Your gaze rips my dress I’m the oppressed Take a look at my shape You cover your face I walk towards your Lord Trampling men in your home I have something to say Your torment fades away You ask me for the light I’ll give your just a fight You want to drink my tears I’ll drown you in fear The olive branch is your shield I have the fire in me Your sword points to the ground I turn you face-down Eager servant Are you ready? Like it or not Today I’ll break your Cross (abiurato) (abdicato) (corruito) Ravens from the sky (renuntiato) (abiurato) (abdicato) (corruito) I blow on your lights (renuntiato) (abiurato) (abdicato) (corruito) Ravens in the room (renuntiato) (abiurato) (abdicato) (corruito) My wind blesses you (renuntiato) (maledicta) (daemoniaca) (maledicta) (daemoniaca) (exsecrata femina) (res creata damnata) (cives pater exite) (omnes foras) (fuscus omen spectate) (omnes fugite) Davanti alla nostra famiglia Nega e rinuncia sotto giuramento I Eleanor Daughter of the Red Snake I stand up and spit on you my bane In ginocchio e a mani giunte Purifica la tua anima e pentiti I foresee a lake of fire Demons burning of desire I hear the drums of a Cadence of War A Greyhouse that opens its doors La tua anima è posseduta Tu sei il nido in cui cresce il demonio Tu sei la piaga Tu sei il volto del male I address you pathetic citizen I’ll walk in your house and I’ll devour your children Ordino che sia messa sotto Le cure dell’Arcangelo Che il demone che vive in lei Sia estirpato e distrutto I Eleanor I swear I force myself To be your servant (your servant) I don’t regret.

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