In A Gas Station at the Outskirts of the Meth Desert – Mycelia


In A Gas Station at the Outskirts of the Meth Desert by Mycelia

“In A Gas Station at the Outskirts of the Meth Desert” by Mycelia, a djent metal band from Zurich, Switzerland. This is the third music video & single from the band’s fifth full-length album In A Late Country which was released on September 16, 2022. The video was directed by Theo Benjamin. The album was produced by Marc Trummer (Sinverse, Atropas, The Kete Effect) at Kid In The Studio and mastered by Acle Kahney (TesseracT) at 4D Sounds. The album art was created by Logan Prenshaw (Valorant, Avatar, LoL).

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chorus: through dusty windows neon light a sea of dust and sand and stone outside
it’s somewhat lonely out here miss but my grampa had a jukebox just like this
see Childress sitting drinking thinking sinking, here comes Marvell, head full of questions
childress: What brings you to this forsaken place?
marvell: I’m looking for a woman.
childress: Not sure, whether this is the right place.
marvell: Not just any woman, Ava Kessler.
childress: Never heard.
marvell: You should know about the search warrant, the murder thing.
childress: Oh, has she been killed?
marvell: No, but you people think I killed her.
childress: Hm.. Shame.. and what makes you think she’s out here?
marvell: In the past we had a darknet, she and I and a few friends, she left a texto there with the coordinates of this gas station.
childress: Well, she ain’t here, is she?
marvell: Maybe she’s hidden.
childress: Where would you hide? There’s nothing here! Just a bar and a gas station. Check behind the counter if you want. It’s as empty there as everywhere else; the city is huge more likely. She’s hidden there, some place; besides, if you like this woman and she hides why would you want to find her? Aren’t you a bit of a creep?
marvell: I think she’s in danger.
childress: Easy to think so.
marvell: She lived a rather risky lifestyle; why am I telling you this?
childress: Maybe you see that it’s pointless looking for her and now you just want to get rid of it all, maybe it’s just that I’m police and suspects like to confess in my presence.
marvell: Maybe;I fear for her life; but now her father told me she’s been evacuated.
childress: Oh, that with the evacuations and the high city, well, this is a varnish, these are words meaning other words.
marvell: What does that mean?
childress: See, the problem is not the good or the bad life. The problem is life itself.
marvell: What are you on about?
childress: We kill them.
marvell: What the fnck?
childress: See, it’s a mercy; they do not have to witness human downfall all to the bottom; you earn points and an algorithm selects you and then you die; painlessly by the way.
marvell: You are crazy!
childress: I don’t decide anything; Everyone chooses to earn points by himself.
marvell: But you kill them!
childress: I don’t; it’s all machines, really.
marvell: But you lie to them, you say, see here is evacuation, but in reality there is death.
childress: Semantic mercy; see I don’t control anything. I am weak, too.
marvell: And who is in control?
childress: Absence; you see absence works like a command line, you can’t see it yet. It controls you, your thoughts, your movements.
marvell: Why would you tell me that? Why would you give me this information? Are you the suspect? Now are you confessing!
childress: Well, what does it matter? What does it do, this information?
marvell: I can tell everyone!
childress: Well, do so, see what happens, see for yourself; it is of no importance.
marvell: Why do you say that?
childress: Because information is blank and silent and helpless.
marvell: So is an embryo yet, a human being grows out of it.

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