For A New God by Genus Ordinis Dei


“For A New God” music video by Genus Ordinis Dei, a symphonic death metal band from Crema (ITALY). This is the third music video episode and single from the band’s full-length concept album The Beginning which will be released on December 8, 2023. The video series was directed by Genus Ordinis Dei, and filmed by Steve Saints. The album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommaso Monticelli at Sonitus Studio.

‘For A New God’ is from the full-length concept album album ‘The Beginning’ available everywhere now. LISTEN NOW via and WATCH the full metal music video series at–boiXUMM.

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I asked you to take my hand
You embraced me in this madness
Through the mountains and through the plains
We have discovered our fate
I asked you to follow my footsteps
You have turned the path into a dance
Through the swamp, across the clouds
Your cry is like rain, It’s so loud
You ask me to raise the blade
To leave you here in this glade
For a new mother, for a new God
I hear your words: “Get my blood”
Now you ask me to take your heart
Squeeze it until it dries up
For a new father, for a new God
I hear your scream: “I’m your love”
Forgive me if you can my dear
We have chosen the path of sin and
There’s no way back without fear
Talk to me if you can my love
So that I hear your voice once more
And cry all the tears
I asked you to warm our nights
You lighted fire in our sites
Through the islands and across the forest
I grant your final imploring
For a new father
For a new mother
For our brothers
The new empire
For her desire
I am another
I’m in the mire
I lost the fire
For a new blood
For the new sons
With a new stone
Make a new home
Where is my love?
Where is my road?
Before a new order
Will be disorder
I asked you, you to watch my back
And you fought face to face with the enemies of the men
I asked you to me make a sense of this
And with your sacrifice you have made me a new king
I drop the blade on the ground
Now that I feel our blood bound
For a new father, for a new God
Where’s your voice? I come home
Sister you asked me to take your heart
Squeeze it until it dries up
For a new mother, for a new God
Please forgive me, I’m your love.

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