Fenisia – Manifesto


Manifesto by Fenisia

“Manifesto” by Fenisia, an alternative metal band from Rome, Italy. This is the first single from the band’s third full-length album The Spectator which was released worldwide on October 30, 2020. The album was produced by Ray Sperlonga (American Idol) and mixed by Collin Davis (Imagica, Deeds of Flesh). The video was directed by Dario Berardi.

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Lyrics: Now I got a mission a brand new day I learn my lesson the hardest way The grand illusion like a sunless bog Concealed the truth into the fog The magic in the message the writing is on the wall There will be no law there will be no rule On the wake of reason the course stays true I can show you how to decipher life But the answer lies in you deep inside The magic in the message the writing is on the wall Follow the stars into the stream As you travel on a dream Silent i still the voice of doom But then it’s up to you Sticks and stones they will break your bones But the spirit listens to the song unknown It’s a voice for freedom or for slavery What you decide it what you will believe I can stand up for my own Can you stand up for your own I am not afraid to fall down

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