Coffin Carousel – Skull Candy


Skull Candy (music video)

Skull Candy (music video) by Coffin Carousel, a horror-punk rock doom-pop band from Melbourne, Australia. This is the fourth single from the band’s second full-length album Between Death & Dead which will be released worldwide on October 13, 2017 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Howard Von Noise and mixed by Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Hall & Oates, Cannibal Corpse, Dokken).

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Turn on CC for lyrics: You feel you don’t belong You have felt this all along The choice is left all to you What choice will you choose? Hear your inner voice and scream it Feel your hollow heart and feed it Freedom calls for those who need it There’s candy in your skull so scream it! You still feel you don’t belong You have felt this way too long Choice was left all for you (it’s too late) What choice have you frozen? Will you find a heartbeat so true? Never will a lie tell a truth so true All the hurt is now behind you All that time is gone let the pain awaken you

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