Benthos – Talk To Me, Dragonfly!


Talk To Me, Dragonfly! by Benthos

“Talk To Me, Dragonfly!” by Benthos, an experimental progressive metal band from Milan, Italy. This is the third single from the band’s debut full-length album ‘II‘ which was released worldwide on April 23, 2021 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Matteo Magni (Anewrage, Deep As Ocean) at Magnitude Recording Studio.

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Turn on CC for lyrics: The gloom pervades me Silence prevails Clouding my senses Inner desolation My arms are open to you Come to me! Walk through the barren lands of the Kaly Yuga Sun, regenerate My decadent path Of damned souls The ashes dirty my feet Hiding the truth You can’t forget the point of my creation Flow the breath into the wind connected at the desolation Reverse my dead I My arms are open to you The weakness comes from the depth Change! Devour me, Let me know my condition Of Impurity Time is collapsed Time is collapsed Breathing the extinction All decomposing Reaching echoes of the ghosts Rejects consume the organism Sun, unveils my purest form Polychrome blinds my eyes Polychrome blinds your eyes The cosmos welcomes your compassion Talk, to me Please Dragonfly Talk to me dragonfly Listen to my requiem Blinded from the birth I’m waiting my redemption I feel the colors in me, Please, paint my essence Paint my essence

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