Benthos – Cartesio


Cartesio by Benthos

“Cartesio” by Benthos, an experimental progressive metal band from Milan, Italy. This is the second single from the band’s debut full-length album ‘II‘ which was released worldwide on April 23, 2021 via Eclipse Records. The video was directed by Stefano Galli and the album was produced by Matteo Magni (Anewrage, Deep As Ocean) at Magnitude Recording Studio.

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Turn on CC for Cartesio lyrics: Is this all there is? Or is it already written? Am I tied up by nature or by what they think I am? There must be Some kind of freedom Enslaved by the flow of the universe Infinity, does not belong to this world But maybe somewhere… Thoughts and essence brought me to another land, now I can see, the endless stream A void. Here I can connect myself in the womb Feeding all dimensions, Flying through my overthinking, recreating my nature. Limitless my mind sinks to the core of my consciousness, but I can’t stay here. There must be How can I face reality knowing, that we can’t fit in? Infinity does not belong to this world But maybe somewhere I will be free

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