The Beginning of a Long Hangover – Mycelia


The Beginning of a Long Hangover by Mycelia

“The Beginning of a Long Hangover” by Mycelia, a djent metal band from Zurich, Switzerland. This is the first video & single from the band’s fifth full-length album In A Late Country which was released on September 16, 2022. The video was directed by Irvan Dionisi. The album was produced by Marc Trummer (Sinverse, Atropas, The Kete Effect) at Kid In The Studio and mastered by Acle Kahney (TesseracT) at 4D Sounds. The album art was created by Logan Prenshaw (Valorant, Avatar, LoL).

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di prisco: Di Prisco twenty four seven pizza delivery, how can I help you?
marvell: Watch your screen, idiot, this is me!
di prisco: Hey Marv, nice to see you. I’ve just been down in Aquila. Did you know that they still speak French there; the absolute madmen!
marvell: Listen –
di prisco: I had a hard time getting myself understood.. I mean.. What are they thinking?
marvell: I have to talk to you –
di prisco: I mean how do they get along at all?! By the way, have you seen the Ultrahydraulists have done it again: Twenty dead, a few injured, again a supermarket. No idea what they’re up to, but they ain’t exactly working towards their evacuation.
marvell: I need your help.
di prisco: Hit me!
marvell: The cops are after me.
di prisco: Fuck why?
marvell: Ava –
di prisco: I told you she is illegally hot..
marvell: Shut up! They think I killed her!
di prisco: Fuck dude; and did you?
marvell: Of course not! She just vanished.. I haven’t seen her in days.. and yesterday.. I get a warning saying: Run. The heat is on. Run!
di prisco: Shit; who warned you?
marvell: No idea!
di prisco: Good thing they did.. How can I help you?
marvell: Can you get into l.y.n.x.?
di prisco: Do you want me to cure cancer while I’m at it?
marvell: If she is alive l.y.n.x. can tell us where she is.
di prisco: Why do you need to know where she is?
marvell: To prove that I am innocent!
di prisco: You need more than that to prove your innocence.
marvell: I mean to prove that i didn’t kill her.
di prisco: Fair enough.
marvell: Please try, you did it before.
di prisco: Yeah, but that was different.
marvell: Why was it different?
di prisco: Because it was before.
marvell: My life is at stake here.
di prisco: I’ll see what I can do.
marvell: Thank you, also I will need your scooter. I can’t take public transport, my fil-pass is probably blocked or worse.
di prisco: I can’t give you my scooter!
marvell: No, but you can drive me.
di prisco: Fair enough, but first I must deliver this calzone.
marvell: Do what you must, then come pick me up.
di prisco: Where do I find you?
marvell: I’ll go to Fahrer’s; maybe they know something.. If I need to split I’ll tell you.
di prisco: O.k. man, see you there!
marvell: Thank you; appreciate it. I’ll buy you a few drinks when this is over
di prisco: Nada; dude do you sometimes wonder whether our ancestors, I mean people who lived like two hundred years before us, can watch us and what they think of us?
marvell: Maybe they are laughing.
di prisco: And crying at the same time.
marvell: Maybe we’ll find out, maybe we’re all running to meet them.
di prisco: Yeah maybe; man stay safe, this is bad.
marvell: Thanks.

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