Spotify Playlist Submission

Eclipse Records – Spotify Playlist Submission

Get your song featured on one of our curated Spotify playlists! Due to the incredible amount of bands asking to be included on one of our curated Spotify playlists, we’ve decided to create a form to handle all the submissions so we can consider and include as many submissions as possible. All you need to do is unlock the Spotify playlist submission form below, and you’ll be able to submit your best song for consideration by our curators. By unlocking the form below, you’ll follow Eclipse Records, and our Eclipse Discovery, Rock Life, Metal First, and NWOCR playlists on Spotify. After clicking “Unlock Submission Form” below, you’ll be redirected to the Spotify playlist submission form where you may submit your best song, and we will listen to the song for possible inclusion in the playlist you select. This is a great way to get your priority single additional visibility, as our playlists feature some of the best current and new rock/metal songs which are gaining traction on the streaming services today.

You can get one of your songs included in our premiere official Eclipse Records Spotify playlists. Please only submit your best song to us, and only submit songs that fall within metal, heavy metal, deathcore, death metal, metalcore, hard rock, alternative metal, active rock, hard rock, heavy rock, progressive metal, symphonic metal, djent, or similar genres. Only submit your best song, for our curators’ consideration and after your submission, please make sure you’re following Eclipse Records and our playlists on Spotify to ensure we consider your song.

Please click “Unlock Submission Form” below to submit your song!