Turning To Ashes – Hearts & Hand Grenades

  • Artist:   Hearts & Hand Grenades
    Release Date:   January 8, 2021
    Format:   Discontinued Releases
    Total Length (MM:SS):   34:00
    Explicit:   Yes
    Catalog No:   ECLP 93902
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647939027

    ©2021 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Justin Rose

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  1. Turning to Ashes
  2. For the Weakened
  3. Daggers
  4. I Hide
  5. Adrenaline
  6. Nothing Left
  7. The In Crowd
  8. My Sickness

Turning To Ashes by Hearts & Hand Grenades

Turning To Ashes by Hearts & Hand Grenades is a hard rockin’ energetic debut from upstate New York’s hardest working rock band. The album was produced by Justin Rose (Goo Goo Dolls, James Taylor, Spyro Gyra) at GCR Audio, and the album art was designed by Jeff Balance at 119 Design. Fronted by Stephanie Wlosinski on lead vocals and bass guitar, this band is literally exploding with a sharp, edgy sound full of savage riffs and powerfully deep lyrics. The very first single off the album “Nothing Left” kicks things off with a breakup song about ending toxic relationships, and it is evident this band does not mess around. With the second single “The In Crowd”, the band tells a story about dive bars off the beaten path, hitmen, and other shady characters. “Adrenaline” ramps it up a notch singing about the band’s insatiable appetite for being on stage and performing live. The title track “Turning to Ashes” was written about feeling like you don’t fit in or that you’re different from everyone else around you. The future is shining bright on this band, and it is easy to see the bright future ahead of them! See below for the full track listing of the album…

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Press Quotes & Highlights:

  • (10/10) “you will definitely not get sick from this impressive band!”Hellfire Magazine
  • (5/5) “an energetic rock thunderstorm which will please a multitude of different rock fans” Metal Underground AT
  • (3.5/5) “Turning To Ashes is a solid debut that’s a bit more heart than hand grenade”Classic Rock Magazine
  • (9/10) “Turning To Ashes is a true testament of rock!”Metal Temple
  • (9/10) “Every song is a self-contained masterpiece that dynamically varies every imaginable sound element” – KOBZR Magazine
  • (9/10) “a hard rock juggernaut of an album, a must for every rocker’s record player!”Therapy Through A Lens
  • (8/10) “a quality debut full of energy and addictive songs”Power Play Magazine
  • (4.5/5) “Allow this album to pull you in and get those choruses stuck in your head”Midlands Metalheads Mag
  • (8/10) “this is music that you can’t resist turning up on the highway!”Powermetal DE
  • (8/10) “Ground shuddering riffs, powerful vocals, and energy levels that rocket off the scale!”Metal Gods TV
  • (8.5/10) “I can’t recommend this enough, the perfect cure in these virus ridden days of uncertainty”The Metal Gods Meltdown
  • (8/10) “more than enough impressive moments… give it to me!”Music Server CZ
  • (8/10) “very nice start to the year from a band with an excess of promise”The Rock Pit
  • (7.6/10) “a breath of fresh air to the rock landscape… Loud, boisterous and entertaining”Keep On Rocking
  • (75/100) “this album brings out the rebellious charge that each of us has inside”True Metal-IT
  • (7.5/10) “loud, boisterous and entertaining”Rock Castle Franken
  • (7/10) “kick-ass riffs, a ton of groove, and memorable rock energy”GBHBL
  • (3.5/5) “what are you waiting for to join this band in their high-octane rock n’ roll party”The Headbanging Moose
  • (7.4/10) “Very good, original hard rock music”Grimm Gent
  • (3/5) “a perfectly serviceable debut album, with flashes of greatness appearing throughout”Three Songs And Out
  • “a hard-working, modern hard-rock band with a melodic edge that could easily propel them to mainstream success”Uber Rock
  • “chunky riffs, infectious grooves, catchy choruses and loads of energy”Life Music Media
  • “is rock ‘n’ roll in its fullest and richest temptation and drama”The Ringmaster Review
  • “in your face very honest sounding heavy rock”Headbanger’s Lifestyle
  • “a striking album that will surely get hundreds of new fans” – Made In Metal ES
  • “a selection of potent bangers worth smashing the replay button time and time again” – Small Music Scene
  • “there’s a certain indefinable something about this band that won’t fail to intrigue you”Sentinel Daily
  • “the main strength of this album is an indefinable seduction” – Concert Monkey
  • “there’s no doubt that Hearts & Hand Grenades are set to be a major name judging by the enormous strength their debut” – Metal Planet
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