Tides – Swept to Sea

  • Artist:   Swept to Sea
    Release Date:   December 2, 2022
    Format:   EP
    Total Length (MM:SS):   23:00
    Explicit:   Yes
    Catalog No:   ECLP 95502
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647955027

    ©2022 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Jeno Fox

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Tides by Swept to Sea

With every song on Tides, Swept to Sea made a purpose for themselves, and that was to make an impact on those that heed their calling. Fox finalizes: “Making songs that could potentially have an impact for at least one listener was really important in dictating the decisions we made when writing each of the songs.” With the track ‘Shards Of Your Reflection‘, being in a state of constant struggle isn’t a new thing for a lot of people out there. Nevertheless, each story is different, and explores dimensions that might not be common. At this particular case, there are two individuals, the narrator and a ghost, a tormentor and a tormented. Fox sheds a little light: “There are cult driven chant sections throughout the song that give a bit of background as to why the ghost may be tormenting the narrator, having been sacrificed…” And there is also a haunting aspect to the entire experience: “…this song was formed on that first intro riff that we extended to the piano, it gave really creepy vibes and we just ran with it to give a true Halloween / haunting song”. Even though it started out is a mere joke, ‘Tides will Turn’ provides a strong input upon reality online, and that reality isn’t friendly. It is easy to be a writing fiend over the keyboard without any consequences attached. However, what happens when someone just has enough. Fox shares: “Eventually the Internet Trolls’ words hit home with someone who isn’t having it and they confront them and track them down”. There is a presentation of both sides within the song, generating a kind of conversation for the listener to tap into. “…there is a bit of explanation from both troll and narrator, where depending on the voice in the chorus they give their side of the story as to what is going on or why they are a certain way.” With “Crown In Ashes”, discussing issues, even if personal, have their way into hashing out the political head, as gruesome as it may be. The happenings of the Trump era, including the Capitol incident, had a major effect on the band, but that same effect was also in place due to the French Revolution. It came down to one thing, as Jeno Fox states: “It is up to the people to band together to fight back against the corruption and stand up for what is right”.

Press Quotes & Highlights

  • (80/100) “Looking for energy? Swept to Sea wil give you sone!” – Acta Infernalis
  • (7/10) “It’s an EP that genre-bends and thus, it’s a much more exciting experience”G B H B L
  • “metalcore that sounds much more like European representatives of this genre than US colleagues” Powermetal DE
  • an excellent aftertaste of ancient and solid metal” – In Your Eyes Zine
  • more coming soon