Synergi – Despite

  • Artist:   Despite
    Release Date:   July 22, 2016
    Format:   Album (Full Length)
    Total Length (MM:SS):   52:01
    Explicit:   No
    Catalog No:   ECLP 9044
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647904421

    ©2016, Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Oscar Nilsson & Despite

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Synergi – album overview

Synergi is the new album by Gothenburg, Sweden’s progressive melodic death metal masters, Despite. The album was released worldwide on July 22, 2016. Download the album via iTunes or Amazon today!

Vocalist Peter Tuthill explains, Synergi touches many subjects that we feel need more attention in this harsh world that we inhabit. Every song has a meaning, and they’re all pieces of the big jigsaw puzzle, so to speak. The title Synergi isn’t just the Swedish spelling for the English counterpart Synergy. Synergi puts the self, the “I” in the bigger picture. We chose to do this to signify that every single individual on this planet is a cog in the greater machinery. For change to happen, we all need to start thinking along the same lines, without borders. There’s no racial divides, no genders; there’s only humanity. We need to start taking care of our world, ourselves, and the other species we live alongside, before it all goes BOOM.”

DESPITE features three guitarists, each playing on eight-stringed instruments tuned a full octave below standard guitar tuning (drop-e), and just like a ten-ton hammer from the metal gods themselves, ‘Synergi’ will obliterate you with crushing rhythms, technical melodies, and emotionally moving, complex song structures.

Press Quotes & Highlights

  • Peak at #3 – 13 weeks on ‘Devil’s Dozen’ weekly countdown show w/ Jose Mangin – SiriusXM Liquid Metal
  • “Missing out on an album this good just seems like a needlessly silly idea” – Metal Injection 
  • 8 /10 – “like all good things, Synergi is worth the wait” – Dead Rhetoric
  • 7/10 – “Despite is the heaviest” – Sweden Rock
  • 8.5/10 – “this whole record is fantastic. Not a single weak point through its entirety” – Fen Metal
  • “Despite is one of those few gems amongst the rest that show they’ve got the talent, the sound, and the capability to stun us all” – Metal Addicts
  • “Synergi by Despite is a beast!” – Bro-Metal
  • “Rarely does the word “perfect” work for an album review, but it works here” – Metal Temple
  • “an unrelenting juggernaut that impacts like a tsunami wave” – Get Exposed Music
  • “one of the most unique, and fun, albums I have listened to” – Teeth of the Divine
  • 8.5/5 – “This is one kick as album! From start to finish, you are grabbed by the throat and dragged along on an epic journey” – Firestorm Rock Reviews
  • “Despite rocks the living shit out of you, and they do it in a way that is ultimately surprising and refreshingly unique” – Goblet of Shock
  • “a fantastic album full of energy, great musicianship and lovingly written songs” – Prog Metal Madness
  • 8/10 – “Synergi is well-crafted, catchy, and memorable” – Seattle Music Insider
  • “a testament to everything the Gothenburg scene has built.” – Metal Riot
  • “Despite are the real deal with their new album Synergi” – Essentially Pop 
  • ” a completely independent, distinct sound with which they hold their own” – Powermetal 
  • 8/10 – “is a striking, catchy, atmospheric album, with crushing melodies” – Metal Korner
  • “Despite will get your heads banging hard” – No Clean Singing
  • “Despite’s new album is impressive, highly recommended” – Wonderbox Metal
  • “a great album that proves Despite’s talent” – Rockway
  • 4/5 – “Synergi is a cut above the rest” – RocknReel Reviews
  • 4/5 – “solid band, solid album, solid songs” – 3 FM WLVR
  • 4/5 – “Synergi succeeds as a viable work of art of unquestionable Metal” – Iron Raven
  • “Synergi stands as a powerful testament” – Headbanger Reviews
  • “I highly recommend having this album in your collection” – Metal Freakz
  • “futurist death metal that’s so good!” – Absolute Zero Media
  • “Everything about Despite’s Synergi album is aurally and visually pleasing” – The Northern Star