South of the Sun – The Stone Eye

  • Artist:   The Stone Eye
    Release Date:   October 15, 2021
    Format:   Album (Full Length)
    Total Length (MM:SS):  
    Explicit:   No
    Catalog No:   ECLP 94302
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647943024

    ©2021 Eclipse Records
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South of the Sun by The Stone Eye

South of the Sun by The Stone Eye is one of those rare musical gems that is somehow familiar, yet takes the listener on a journey mapped out in new pathways. Heavy with a layer of glorious weirdness, this album combines a raucous, dirty guitar sound with clever musicianship…vocals that are as hypnotic in harmony as they are diverse in range…a rhythm section as daring as it is ornate and, at times, funk-a-licious. The album as a whole is mesmerizing, with hooks that stay in your mind for hours on end. “Catatonia” and the groove-oriented, “Witches and Raptures”  are both soulful and in their own way erotic, both perfect for rock, alternative, and pure metal radio playlists as fuzzy alternative stoner sludge wrapped up in a progressive-rock take on the pop genre.

South of the Sun was released on October 15, 2021. Stream or Buy at this location right now!

Press Quotes & Highlights

  • (10/10) “the blend of musical influences and musicianship makes this one hell of a memorable listen”G B H B L
  • (9/10) “this album is pure rock pleasure… stoner, alternative, definitely rock”World Of Metal
  • “the perfect headline name in the billing of your own personal festival”Rockway GR
  • (8/10) “South of the Sun will hook fans that aren’t into traditional forms of Rock”Metal Temple
  • (7.5/10) “Music that immediately captures a range of familiar details, then taking you far away through enticing unexplored paths”Metalhead IT
  • (7.5/10) “grunge vibes, great melodic attitude and a good dose of extravagance”Metal IT
  • (7/10) “a band and record that is undoubtedly brimming with ideas”Distorted Sound
  • (3/5) “a number of these songs could be QOTSA b-sides!”Heavy Music HQ
  • More coming soon…