Silent Acquiescence – Sifting

  • Artist:   Sifting
    Release Date:   June 16, 2023
    Format:   Single
    Total Length (MM:SS):   05:36
    Catalog No:   ECLP 96311
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647963114

    ©2023 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Eduardo Osuna Gil

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Silent Acquiescence by Sifting

Silent Acquiescence” is the latest single from Sifting, the infamous progressive thrash metal band from Los Angeles (USA). In this groundbreaking new single, this formidable outfit has once again defied the boundaries of conventional music, pushing the genre to unfathomable heights of intensity, dexterity, and complexity…

“Silent Acquiescence” showcases Sifting’s unrivaled musical dexterity as they seamlessly blend intricate melodies with thunderous rhythms. From the first note, the band’s technical prowess is evident, intertwining lightning-fast riffs with mind-bending time signatures. The relentless assault of Joey Aguirre (drums) and Wins Jarquin (bass) forms a foundation of pure sonic devastation, while the searing dual-solos from guitarists Eduardo Gil and Mo La Mastro soar with virtuosic brilliance. But it is the vocals that truly captivate and elevate “Silent Acquiescence” to new heights. The lead singer’s powerful and versatile voice takes center stage, delivering a mesmerizing performance that ranges from haunting melodies to fierce expressions of raw emotion.

This band is here to be controversial, and to make a stand. The meaning behind “Silent Acquiescence” is political indeed, however it’s not about left or right, blue or red but about humanism and humanity’s rights to exist. Lead vocalist and guitarist Eduardo Gil explains, “the world is full of superpowers & corrupt millionaires making choices for us which cause our voices to be silenced. We each come from places where we have seen empires fall, military corruption, police brutality, and the rich systematically abuse the poor. We’ve had enough, and we’re calling it out for what it is!”

“Silent Acquiescence” is a testament to Sifting’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre. Their unique blend of progressive elements with thrash metal sensibilities creates a sonic landscape that is both aggressive and thought-provoking. This single serves as a glimpse into the band’s artistic evolution and sets the stage for their imminent dominance in the metal scene. Sifting proves once again that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of progressive thrash metal. Surrender yourself to the immersive experience and let the music consume you, for Sifting has arrived, and they are ready to conquer all in their path.

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The single was released worldwide on June 16, 2023.

Press Quotes & Highlights:

  • “The dichotomy of the vocals, the ferocity of the music, and the subtle duality of the lyrics make “Silent Acquiescence” a paragon of a single for Sifting’s forthcoming album.”Amplify the Noise
  • “When Sifting promise you progressive thrash, they mean it!”GBHBL
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