No Man Isle – Haunted By Silhouettes

  • Artist:   Haunted By Silhouettes
    Release Date:   May 6, 2022
    Format:   EP
    Total Length (MM:SS):   16:00
    Explicit:   Yes
    Catalog No:   ECLP 95202
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647952026

    ©2022 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Per Kristian Grimsland

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No Man Isle by Haunted By Silhouettes

No Man Isle by Haunted By Silhouettes was released on May 6, 2022. While in a constant struggle between groovy aggregation and an atmospheric, keyboard driven aura, Haunted By Silhouettes tended to their melodies, and by the order of modern metal fashion. The general feel of music on the band’s brand new EP No Man Isle, portrays a style that is an actual evolution of what was once referred to as “Scandinavian melodic death metal”, or once proudly called “Gothenburg death metal”. Even within the commonly based, yet heavily tight riffs and passages between harsh and melodic clean vocals, Haunted By Silhouettes were able to find a special kind of edge with a swift, rather catchy, form of songwriting. It is clear that the diverse musicianship and dominant aggressive front of the band, enabled them to captivate and clench every heeding ear throughout the course of No Man Isle. Furthermore, alongside a well-crafted production emphasizing a vital wall of sound (and a pure contribution to the far reaching greyness of the record), No Man Isle is a doubtless formula that is bound to grab the attention of those who listen to it.

The opening duo of songs, “Flock” and “Icon”, deliver blow after blow with a devouring down tuned heaviness over destructive riffs, eventually leading to an up-tempo onslaught. However, an uplifting aura generates a surge in which a blissful synth serves as the melodic atmosphere that makes a difference, showing a versatility and heartwarming melodic nature while trying to find its way out of the cold. The finishing touch of the self-titled track, “No Man Isle”, is the combined, multilayered, finale of the entire EP. Under a single platter, Haunted By Silhouettes shares proof of their talent for intriguing songwriting, and their ability to enrich the dramatic effect of their music. As icing on the cake, Haunted By Silhouettes recruited a special guest to elevate the emotional effect of the single “Selkie”, in the image of the legendary Soilwork / The Night Flight Orchestra / Terror 2000 vocalist, Björn “Speed” Strid. Expect a prolific performance by the veteran vocalist, who certainly boosted the efforts of the song to new heights.

No Man Isle may be short and sweet, yet it is a calling card, the next step going forward for the Norwegian band, Haunted By Silhouettes. No doubt that they are destined to leave their listeners with a deadly taste for more, along with necks bursting with pain.

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Press Quotes & Highlights

  • (10/10) “this is the best melodic death metal release I have heard in years”G B H B L
  • (10/10) “these guys have enough potential to become one of the greatest names of the genre”Metal Temple
  • (5/5) “The No Man Isle EP is perfection!”Pretty Vacant One
  • (4/6) “smooth with a common thread, I am very excited about the next album!” – Norway Rock
  • (95/100) “a gripping and aggressive contrast”Acta Infernalis
  • (4/6) “No Man Isle satisfies the existing fan base, but also opens the door to new listeners” – Dis Harmoni
  • (85/100) “have made me sit up and take notice of a band that I previously knew nothing about”Man of Much Metal
  • (4/5) “could you imagine John Donne’s response to a Norwegian death metal band’s music inspired by his works?!”Metal Roos
  • (7/10) “solid music, they are high in quality” – Heavy Metal NO
  • (70/100) “fans of melodic death metal will enjoy this” – Greek Rebels
  • (3.5/5) “more multifaceted than the usual melodic death metal”Metal Underground AT
  • (3/5) “tons of awesomeness in the form of classic Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal”The Headbanging Moose
  • (6/10) “Selkie feat Bjorn Strid is the catchiest number on the EP”Metal DE
  • “epic melodic death metal which can to resurrect the living dead (or vice versa)”Concert Monkey
  • “HBS could earn a permanent place in the gray area between modern Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore”Powermetal DE
  • more…