II – Benthos

  • Artist:   Benthos
    Release Date:   April 23, 2021
    Format:   Album (Full Length)
    Total Length (MM:SS):   32:00
    Catalog No:   ECLP 94002
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647940023

    ©2021 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Matteo Magni

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II by Benthos

II by Benthos is a stunning debut of experimental progressive metal. Featuring seven tracks showcasing the band’s technical prowess, II quickly catapults the band onto the global metal scene alongside the likes of Periphery, Between The Buried And Me, TesseracT, Sikth, and Meshuggah. The album was produced by Matteo Magni (Deep As Ocean, Anewrage) at Magnitude Recording Studios, and it tells a first-person story about the opposing forces of dualism such as life vs death, intuition vs rationality, and finite vs infinite concepts. The first single “Debris // Essence” is an immersion through consciousness represented with a dive into the deepest part of the abyss.  “Cartesio” is the second single off the album which represents the beginning of the inner journey described throughout the album. The third single is a fast-paced jazz-infused staccato of progressive metal which brings the listener on a confrontation with one’s negativity resulting in awareness, acceptance, and improvement towards positivity. On II by Benthos there is a lot to digest on this amazing album, but one thing is certain… after you are done digesting this sensory feast you’ll be wanting more… and more.. and more…

II by Benthos was released on April 23, 2021. Stream/Download at this location right now!

Press Quotes & Highlights

  • “rhythmic, epic, and just the right amount of shreddy. I’m digging this!”Metal Injection
  • “musically, we are talking about a perfectly trained band, with songs that have a human duration and various influences” – Rock Hard Greece
  • “a record that all progressive metal fans should not miss” May, 2021 (pp. 69)Rock Hard Italy
  • (9.5/10) “With this debut album, the bar is very high!”Time For Metal
  • (9/10) “It is clear that Benthos are unstoppable, and I am looking forward to watching this band evolve”World Of Metal
  • (8.7/10) “I’ve find myself drawn back again and again to these tracks, and I am sure many others will feel the same”Metal Trenches
  • (8.5/10) “No other metal debut of this year was anywhere near this level in any way!”Scene Point Blank
  • “Benthos smash onto the metal scene alongside Tool, Opeth, Amorphis and A Perfect Circle”Italia Di Metallo
  • (8.5/10) “Without a doubt, I want to hear more of this band in the future”Retumba
  • (8.4/10) “Exploring the outer fringes of musical convention and coming dangerously close to redefining the concept of progressive metal, a bold new player emerges from the Italian peninsula with a short yet gargantuan stylistic excursion of a debut”Sonic Perspectives
  • (8/10) ” an album that every fan of modern progressive metal will love”More Core
  • (8/10) “these guys are outstanding!”Metal Temple
  • (8/10) “an impressive debut album!”Man Of Much Metal
  • (8/10) “unbelievably compelling and definitely not a band to miss out on”Bittersweet Press
  • (4/5) “a truly remarkable and interesting debut!”All Around Metal
  • (8/10) “II grooves fat and heavy from the first to the last minute”KOBZR Magazine
  • (4/5) “if Benthos continue on this path, they will certainly rise to the surface and become a hugely-popular band”The Independent Voice
  • (75/100) “a band of high level and great potential”True Metal-IT
  • (75/100) “A pleasant discovery”Hard Sounds
  • (7.5/10) “it might be the most brilliant piece of progressive metal heard this year”GBHBL
  • (7.5/10) “delivers strongly in its prog, extreme and alternative metal influence”Metalliville
  • (7/10) “The more deeply you listen, the more their musical maturity shines through”Metal Italia
  • (78/100) “The moments of insanity by this group are fantastic and highly original”Heavy Metal Heaven
  • (6/10) “II is a hit for fans of tricky, oppositely played Progmetals with slight Mathcore borrowings”Rock Castle Franken

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