Glare of Deliverance – Genus Ordinis Dei

  • Artist:   Genus Ordinis Dei
    Release Date:   December 4, 2020
    Format:   Album (Full Length)
    Total Length (MM:SS):   71:00
    Explicit:   No
    Catalog No:   ECLP 93702
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647937023

    ©2020 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Tommaso Monticelli

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Glare of Deliverance by Genus Ordinis Dei

Glare of Deliverance is the third full-length album from Italian symphonic death metal masters, Genus Ordinis Dei. The album is a series of ten individual songs, each with its own music video/episode. These “episodes” combine in sequence like a short film or television series that tells the story of a young woman named Eleanor who is persecuted by the Holy Inquisition. Without a doubt, this was the band’s most ambitious undertaking yet, because the scope and vision of the project had grown monumentally huge in comparison to their previous projects. Aside from recording & producing an album worthy of a Grammy in the metal category, the band had to pull together a full production team for the video series which consisted of concept artist Tom Roberts (Ghost), costume designers, animal trainers, a cast of actors & actresses, visual effects supervisors, special effects wizards, stuntmen, catering services, and even a full orchestral choir. By securing special permits, and quarantine of cast & crew they were able to stay on schedule throughout the first half of 2020, and the result is an epic masterpiece of symphonic metal combined with the executed artistic vision of four brilliant musicians.

Glare of Deliverance features ten tracks of powerful, soaring symphonic metal that will leave you amazed, both sonically and visually. The video series brings the concept art of Tom Roberts to life and may even give you nightmares! The horror-esque story line leaves you feeling helpless, unable to save Eleanor from her corrupt accusers, while the hooks of the music remind you of her struggle. Can you resist her glaring eyes while she looks at you and cries for help? You can try, but we don’t think so… Glare of Deliverance was released on December 4, 2020 via Eclipse Records.

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Press Quotes & Highlights:

  • (10/10) “‘Glare of Deliverance’ is an unbelievable exhibition of musical storytelling… a wonder so good I ran out of superlatives to grace this review so I will end it with a simple score 10/10” – Metallum Sub Terra
  • (90/100) “definitely one of the best albums of the 2020!” – Metal Radio GR
  • (9.8/10) “You simply can’t go wrong with Glare Of Deliverance, that album is brutally awesome!”Time For Metal
  • (9.5/10) “Absolutely nailing it, Glare of Deliverance is a monumental symphonic metal release” – GBHBL
  • “A work of remarkable craftsmanship, character and courage, all managed with passion, intelligence and, finally, talent” – Rock Rebel Magazine
  • “for fans of symphonic death metal, this album is absolutely flawless & perfect” – A&P Reacts
  • (94/100) “a masterpiece among the most radiant albums of 2020”Heavy Metal Heaven
  • (8.5/10) “Glare of Deliverance will put Genus Ordinis Dei on the radar and lift them up to be one of the most representative new bands in the symphonic deathcore genre” – Retumba
  • (4/5) “The production is excellent, creating an expansive sound that skillfully balances the album’s subtlety and extremity” – Heavy Music HQ
  • (84/100) “a spectacular, powerful, pompous, epic record!”Loud And Proud
  • (8.5/10) “an album created by a band who have the makings of champions!”Spazio Rock
  • (8.5/10) “buy this album!”Crossfire Metal Webzine
  • (82/100) “Glare Of Deliverance dramatically raises the bar of musical quality!” – True Metal IT
  • (80/100) “an enjoyable and excellent example of Italian Metal”Metal Wave
  • (8/10) “full marks to this excellent combination of ambition and achievement”Metal Italia
  • (8/10) “Glare Of Deliverance is certainly an impressive musical experience!” – Arrow Lords Of Metal
  • (4/5) “orchestral extreme metal that literally freezes you in awe” – Stormbringer AT
  • (4/5) “Glare of Deliverance scores with a lot of symphonic drama and metallic hardness” – Metal Underground AT
  • “Genus Ordinis Dei are the proof that perseverance pays off”Italia Di Metallo
  • (4/5) “a real triumph of symphonic death metal for the most hardcore fans of the genre”All Around Metal
  • (8/10) “there is simply no denying the scope of their music, Genus Ordinis Dei are indeed heavyweights in modern metal” – Metal Temple
  • “This isn’t just a great heavy metal album, it’s a wonderful piece of music” – Moshville Times
  • (4/5) “one of the best metal albums of the worldwide underground scene” – The Headbanging Moose
  • (7.5/10) “an interesting, exciting aural adventure to partake in”Dead Rhetoric
  • (7/10) “there is too much talent behind this band” – Metal Fans BE
  • (6.5/10) “I definitely take off my hat to this mammoth project that Genus Ordinis Dei has set up here!”Power Of Metal DK
  • (6.5/10) “I definitely take off my hat to this mammoth project that GENUS ORDINIS DEI has set up here!”Powermetal DE
  • (5.5/7) “these Italians know how to mix symphonic and orchestrations with extremes”Earshot AT
  • “visceral, muscular, impressive”Antichrist Magazine
  • “impressive technical tumultuousness”Suffisso Core
  • “Breathless. A really high emotional listening, where a story comes to life”Vero Rock
  • “a bombastic theatrical music sensation that is strongly supported by beautiful videos”Rock Portaal
  • “one of the best albums of the year, Glare of Deliverance is a masterpiece!” – Metal Family
  • “Glare of Deliverance shows that Genus Ordinis Dei is more than music, as they have drama in their blood as well” – White Room Reviews
  • (3/5) “Glare of Deliverance is like having an epic historical movie poured down your ear canals”Angry Metal Guy
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