Dualism – Through the Noise

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  • Artist:   Through the Noise
    Release Date:   April 12, 2019
    Format:   Album (Full Length)
    Total Length (MM:SS):   41:00
    Explicit:   No
    Catalog No:   ECLP 9260
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647926027

    ©2019 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):  

    Additional Info:  

    Guitars re-amped by Ermin Hamidovic, and mastered by Thomas ‘Plec’ Johansson

Dualism – album overview

Dualism by Through the Noise is a pummeling mix of post-hardcore and nu-metal, containing nine glorious songs that are guaranteed to please even the ficklest of critics. The album was engineered by Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery, Devin Townsend Project, Naberus, Architects), and mastered by Thomas ‘Plec’ Johansson (Soilwork, Watain, Scar Symmetry). Highlights off the album include the raucous single ‘Digital Playground’, in which the band denounce the growing trend of online ignorance in the face of “alternative facts”.  The band also steps up their game with the songs ‘Psychomachia’; a plea to relinquish bad habits from a disappointed yet ever faithful and hopeful conscience, and ‘Deceiver’ which addresses the duality of actions and just rewards regarding the present and an afterlife. The album was released worldwide via Eclipse Records on April 12, 2019.

Dualism – press quotes & highlights

  • Placement in Spotify’s top curated playlists – New Metal Tracks, New Core, and New Blood
  • (9/10): “interesting, surprisingly well-functioning songs with character!” – Hellfire Magazine
  • (9/10): “Through the Noise are a promising name from the Swedish metal scene, and Dualism will take them to the next level for sure!” – Metal Temple
  • (8.5/10): “It rare that a band makes me sing along after just one listen, but that’s exactly what Through the Noise have done with Dualism”Powermetal DE
  • (8/10): “Through the Noise have delivered a rich album… they are ready for anything!”RTMB Music
  • (7/10): “Dualism is more than noise, it’s a really good album!” – Metal DE
  • (7/10): “Non-stop, balls to the wall filth, Dualism hits you hard in the face like acid in the eye!”Distorted Sound Magazine
  • (7/10): “Dualism is a quality album, one that all fans of metalcore will dig!” – Power Play Magazine
  • (7/10) “if you like no-nonsense shreddery with a combo of high quality vocals, look no further than Dualism”Metallum Subterra
  •  (3.5/5): “Through the Noise can already be considered one of the best bands of the Swedish Hardcore scene” – Headbanging Moose
  • (3/5): “this is Unearth with a tinge of Hatebreed, topped with a Scandinavian accent”HEAVY
  • “A battery of pounding, determined songs, a very pleasant listen!” – Ignotus
  • “I could listen to Dualism for days and never grow bored, these guys will be big!”The Doorway To
  • “Dualism is a confident follow-up from Through The Noise which finds the band successfully pushing their boundaries”Uber Rock