Demons – Violet Blend

  • Artist:   Violet Blend
    Release Date:   April 1, 2022
    Format:   Album (Full Length)
    Total Length (MM:SS):   40:00
    Explicit:   Yes
    Catalog No:   ECLP 94902
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647949026

    ©2021 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Giada Celeste Chelli, recorded by Alessandro Del Vecchio

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Demons by Violet Blend

There are thirteen tracks on the album Demons by Violet Blend, all cornerstones for the theme of ambitious yet contradictory facades, and each song is represented in the cover-art as masks of demons from every culture in the world, stemming from Greek mythology, Chinese tradition, and Dante’s literature, to the Aztec Empire, Celtic mythography, and African rituals, etc.

Rock DJ” is the album’s first single, and it is associated with God Bes – Ancient Egypt: protector of music and entertainment, the patron saint of dancers. The song projects this with the awesome power of the vocal and the driving backbeat that would have massive appeal to rockers, glam rockers, metalheads, and sludge-lovers alike. The guitar is lavish and at times ornate, featuring satisfying chord-changes and a lead portion composed of blistering sweeps and big bends and wails. The second single is “Among These Fools” and it is associated with Oni – Japan: bringers of disaster and spreaders of disease who are destined to punish the damned in hell. Much of Violet Blend’s appeal is expressed through contradiction: dissonance alongside sonic eloquence, hard guitar scratch juxtaposed with carefully sculpted riffs overtop. This song embraces such powerful and poetic irony with a harsh theme delivered through a lovely ethereal vocal that reminds us of the exquisite pain and beauty in the world. Track number 5 entitled “Need,” is the third single, and it is associated with Medusa – Ancient Greece: the Gorgon with snakes instead of hair and the power to petrify anyone who looks at her. This tune is a mystical masterpiece featuring a stripped-down guitar’s acoustic effect transitioning to a metal feel, percussion going from halves to full tempo, and a climax based on clever dynamics rather than volume. Also of note on Demons by Violet Blend, is track number 8, “La Donna Mobile,” and it is associated with Kālī – India: Goddess of active and disruptive feminine energy, representing the female force in all its extreme power. This song features a strong, exotic rhythm section and it is sung in Italian, making the experience for the listener romantic and heart-felt. If this tune does not give you chills and also make you want to stand on your chair and scream, nothing will. Consequently, “La Donna Mobile (Fickle Woman)” is accompanied by a prominent social campaign to raise awareness against discrimination and gender-based violence. The project is non-profit and is in collaboration with AIDOS – Italian Association of Women for Development and with the collaboration and sponsorship of the Municipality of Florence (Italy) and the Department for Equal Opportunities. The intent is to carry out a project to promote equality, empowerment, education, and information, focused on the role of women in the workplace, through a social campaign that leads the community to reflect through art, in the widest of its meanings.

Demons by Violet Blend was released on April 1, 2022. Purchase or listen to the album at this location right now!.

Press Quotes & Highlights

  • (8.5/10) “Above all, Giada Celeste Chelli can convince with her singing”Crossfile Metal Webzine
  • (8.4/10) “outstanding vocals, powerful sound and irrepressible energy”Keep On Rocking
  • (8.3/10) “Vocalist Giada Celeste Chelli brings a lot of freshness to the Rock and Metal scene” – Metalheads Forever
  • (4/5) “Demons is a record that sticks with you… Violet Blend has hit it out of the park”Pretty Vacant One
  • (8/10) “Giada Celeste Chelli can convince with her singing, this band brings a lot of fresh air to the rock & metal scene” – Rock Castle Franken
  • (6.5/10) “interesting compositions and catchy songs” – Greek Rebels
  • (3/5) “plenty of radio-ready hard rock singles”Heavy Music HQ
  • “a must-listen for all, and a valued manifestation of Italian art!” – Metal IT
  • “a great band whose music can stand the test of time”Italia Di Metallo
  • “an exciting record with something for everyone”Allternative IT
  • more coming soon….