Bleed to Life – Vonavibe

  • Artist:   Vonavibe
    Release Date:   May 26, 2023
    Format:   Album (Full Length)
    Total Length (MM:SS):   48:00
    Explicit:   No
    Catalog No:   ECLP 96402
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647964005

    ©2023 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Dyon

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Bleed to Life by Vonavibe

Bleed to Life by Vonavibe is an album that redefines the sound barrier at least in terms of raw power. We often informally refer to that massive rhythm guitar, bass, and percussion vibe as a “Wall of Sound,” and the first bands that come to mind are Black Sabbath and Metallica. More veritably, the “Wall of Sound” was introduced in the 1960s by record producer Phil Spector, who invented a dense orchestral studio aesthetic made of layering, echo, spill, and mono. Currently, Vonavibe have sonically restructured this idea, and Bleed to Life does not simply give us a “Wall.” It builds us a grand fortress. With the first single, “Run ‘n’ Hide” is the driving, up-tempo track meant to be blaring as you floor it on the interstate. The guitar is gigantic, and the verses alternate between power-vocals and phrases sung through a megaphone, all blood and oil, flesh and cold steel, the beautiful violence of man and machine. The second single “Vonavibe” awakens your soul. The beginning vocal isolated with the rhythm guitar is the building block of the band’s signature layering technique, fully realized at the mid-point guitar solo constructed of both intricate runs and melodic phrasing. Picture the climax of a stadium concert. Picture everyone standing on their seats. The third highlight of the album “Hold On” is a vocal masterpiece, featuring three “pitch classes” that Dyon executes with precision. He goes from a near whisper to full voice, and at 2:11 he hits the top of his range in a falsetto fry usually reserved for rock royalty like Tommy Kiefer and Ronnie James Dio. Besides the addictive hooks, intricate dynamics, clever drum pattering, and diverse vocals, the guitar interplay on Bleed to Life, is exceptional. Part of this is a result of the technical production, writing, and studio performances, but more viscerally, it feels to the listener like becoming a tidal wave, a volcano, a hurricane, pick your simile. Of course, rhythm chords and repetitive riffing are often used as mere background to the verses, choruses, and platform solos, but Vonavibe create a world where the rhythm guitar is unique like a “vocalist,” with the lead guitar becoming an exotic superhero.

Bleed to Life by Vonavibe was released on May 26, 2023.

Press Quotes & Highlights

  • (9/10) “a treat full of solid production values, earworm songs and tasty riffs to satisfy a new legion of fans”Rambling Man Reviews
  • “Bleed to Life soars with a powerful explosion of sound that redefines the raw power of rock music”Amplify the Noise
  • (9/10) “the band’s reintroduction to the music scene is an iconic one, and I will definitely be waiting for the next album with high expectation”Metal Temple
  • (9.2/10) “A good old fashion Rock no-frills band with high energy and great guitar licks”Hangman Entertainment
  • (8/10) “Bleed To Life is a great record of catchy, heavy rock from Greece that sounds American”Musipedia of Metal
  • (69/100) “an album capable of entertaining and energizing thanks to simple and compact songs”True Metal
  • “Sometimes you just want a good, old-school heavy rock record and that’s exactly what you get with these guys!”The Doorway To
  • (3.5/5) “first-class album of Heavy Rock full of addictive hooks, intricate dynamics, clever drum pattering and diverse vocals all carefully brought into being by three skillful Greek rockers”The Headbanging Moose
  • “This is not one of those cases where you will lov or hate it, this album is above that. You will simply like this, it is love at first sight”Soundcheck Network
  • “Great rock n. roll we all need!”Back to the Arena show
  • More coming soon…