The Art of Letting Go – Ana

  • Artist:   Ana
    Release Date:   March 29, 2024
    Format:   EP
    Total Length (MM:SS):   23:11
    Catalog No:   ECLP 97202
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647972024

    ©2024 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):  

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The Art of Letting Go by Ana

The Art of Letting Go by Ana is a portrait of passion and emotion bared to the bone, the skin peeled back on our hearts showing new vibrant colors. Ana Khristenko offers us an intimate vocal that is mesmerizing, smooth, and ethereal, yet also rocking, sassy, and badass. Like a magic carpet ride through mist and shadows, the band creates a sense of suspense and payoff like some mystic noir-setting suddenly becoming a lighted path to an absolute beauty. The music is addictive, catchy, and hauntingly vivid.

The arrangements on this record are dynamically intriguing and sonically satisfying. The rhythm guitar patterns are crisp and full, the lead solos electrifying, and the keys used inventively as lead, background, and counterpoint in a variety of soundscapes. The bass is all balls and bottom, and the drums alternate between a deep groove, a force on the march, and flares and fireworks in hummingbird sixteenths smooth as late autumn dusk. Altogether, this record makes the chaotic parts of life seem poetic, and it reinforces to us that there is still room for radiance in our souls, in our lives, in the world.

This album was produced by Josh Mak and Anna Khristenko, recorded & mixed by Chris Themelco (Naberus, Massive) at Monolith Studios, and mastered by Thomas ‘Plec’ Johansson (Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Night Flight Orchestra) at The Panic Room Studios.

The Art of Letting Go by Ana was released by Eclipse Records on March 29, 2024.

Press Quotes & Highlights

  • (8.5/10)“what’s here is of such high quality that I cannot wait to hear more music from Ana. Everything is in place for them to become one of my favorites in the genre”Lots Of Muzik
  • (4.5/5)“these guys have a very bright future ahead of them if they can continue to deliver music of this sort of quality. With no hesitation, The Art of Letting Go comes very highly recommended”Metal Epidemic
  • (9.9/10)“This is an album that only comes around once in a decade, and although only five tracks on the record, it’s like a prize boxer who goes for the knockout from the opening bell”Hangman X
  • (4.5/5)“If you are a fan of Symphonic Metal (not just the one with female vocals), absolutely don’t miss this “The art of letting go” and write down the name of Ana, because they have all the credentials and talent to establish themselves on an international level!”All Around Metal
  • (8.5/10) – “‘The Art of Letting Go‘ stands as a testament to ANA‘s talent as both a musician and a storyteller. This collection of songs offers a resonant experience for anyone navigating the tumultuous waters of personal change, cementing ANA‘s place within the music world as a beacon of light for those seeking to embrace the journey of moving forward.” – Infrared Magazine
  • (8/10)“a wonderful balance between charming, soulful performances and energetic, powerful metal escapades!”Metal Heads DE
  • (8/10) “The Art Of Letting Go is a successful debut EP. Melodic symphonic metal in which the band avoids excessive bombast.” – Keep On Rocking
  • (8.4/10)“Without a doubt a great debut from these guys to refresh current symphonic metal and submit to the verdict of the most staunch fans of Epica, Nightwish or even Tarja as a soloist.”Dargedik Rock Metal
  • (3.5/5) “The Art of Letting Go is an incredible debut, it is so cohesive and complete that it is a testimony to the talent and strength of the songs within that make it a standout. Ana is an act that deserves your immediate attention.” – Metal Roos
  • (7/10) – “A Promising, successful debut!”Obliveon Mag
  • (7.5/10)“a successful start for the Australians, proving that they can be an asset to the genre in the future”Hellfire Magazine
  • (5/6) “These are some super catchy, cool songs that they have put together. I recommend anyone who have a soft spot for women in music, check this band out!”Calles Rock Corner
  • (6.5/10) “the band aim for symphonic, gothic solutions and with pop-rok insertions, they certainly think big”Metalhead IT
  • (3/5)“this gets 3/5 only because I want more!”Rambling Man Reviews
  • “They have taken the norm, digested it and then created something new. There’s the double tapped drums, the squealing guitar solos, the rich keys, thumping bass and a classic vocal, sounds we’re all familiar with, but ANA have mixed them up and fashioned an album that’s well worth a listen” – Metal Planet Music
  • “Altogether, this song is a dream. The kind you want to go back to again and again.”Metalheads Forever
  • “Wow! ANA are one of my favorite finds, early in this new year. This was a wonderful surprise. So many times as a music reviewer, you hear about a new band, and hope for the best. This band reminds me so much of one of my favorite prog/metal symphonic bands, Mission Jupiter” – Progressive Rock Journal
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