Amethyst – Magg Dylan

  • Artist:   Magg Dylan
    Release Date:   February 21, 2020
    Format:   Album (Full Length)
    Total Length (MM:SS):  
    Explicit:   Yes
    Catalog No:   ECLP 92902
    Label:   Eclipse Records
    UPC:   638647929028

    ©2020 Eclipse Records
  • Producer(s):   Jonathan Dolese, Bruce Jordan

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Amethyst by Magg Dylan

Magg Dylan is an alternative metal band from Virginia Beach USA, however there is nothing ordinary about them by any means. The subject matter of their music is drawn from the members’ personal life experiences such as addiction, relationships gone awry, and bullying. Amethyst is their debut album featuring ten alternative metal anthems which showcase the band’s emotional raw energy. It was produced by Bruce Jordan and Jonathan Dolese (Skywalker, Brave New World). Highlights on the album include Scarz written about bullying, Naked Alone In the Tub which covers depression after life hands you a series of overwhelming blows. The third single from the album Delusional which goes in-depth about singer Suzanne’s past battle with alcoholism and her path to recovery. This band has been through a lot over the years, and their songs reflect the struggles, defeats, and triumphs which have given this album a life of its own!

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Press Quotes & Highlights

  • (95/100) “Vocalist Suzanne has a voice that could hit the charts from pop radio to TV without any trouble!”The Metal Mag
  • (8.5/10) Amethyst by Magg Dylan is “a very welcome surprise to the rock community and sure to be one of the big sleeper hits of the year!”IM Music Mag
  • (8/10) “Amethyst definitely stands on its own as original, powerful, and fun to listen to”Metal Temple
  • (8/10) “Amethyst by Magg Dylan is an extremely personal album, a resulting therapy for depression the band has survived”Rock Castle Franken
  • “Amethyst by Magg Dylan isn’t just another metal album – it’s a beautifully written story about struggles, overcoming dark times, and trying to show your true self in today’s society”Music Existence
  • (8/10) “no lovely harmonies here, this is a hard dark album and the band have a promising future”Keep On Rocking
  • (7.5/10) “Modern metal with strong riffs and hard drums”Arrow Lords of Metal
  • “Amethyst is just what this style of music needs”Dead Rhetoric
  • (72/100) “Amethyst proves that Magg Dylan are definitely a band worth keeping your eye on”True Metal
  • (4/5) “Amethyst is not just another modern metal album, it’s a beautifully written tale about personal struggles”Belgian Metal Shredder
  • (7/10) “an album of powerful driving rock elevated above the mundane”Power Play Magazine
  • (7/10) “Amethyst is a good album, and Magg Dylan have a really polished metal sound that makes them all the more radio friendly”GBHBL
  • (3.5/5) “Amethyst by Magg Dylan is an ambitious, frank first release… an emotionally-driven debut”The Independent Voice
  • (3.5/5) “a solid first album”Metal Roos
  • … and more coming soon!