Violet Blend collab w/ Tired Violence to reveal new “My Head Is Broken” music video & single


Italian alternative metal band Violet Blend has just released a powerful new alternative metal ballad entitled “My Head Is Broken” featuring a guest vocal appearance from Virginia post-hardcore vocalist Tired Violence. The video was directed by Angelo Mura. Stream the single on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music at this location and watch the music video via YouTube below:

The collaboration between these two powerhouse voices is nothing short of spectacular, leaving listeners spellbound from start to finish. The single was produced by Giada Celeste Chelli, and it was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andrea Dell’Olio and Furio Lanciano at Soundscape in Firenze, Italy. 

“My Head is Broken” is about all those moments when you felt wrong, unfit, so damaged that you can’t be fixed,” says lead vocalist and composer Giada Celeste Chelli. “The song embraces feeling over numbness and the fear of being happy, it portrays a mechanical world where the mind is just a gear and the feelings just lines of code. When you feel empty, dizzy, confused, like you’re sleeping with your eyes open and you blame yourself for not being able to wake up. Sometimes I feel like a broken machine that no one is going to fix, and this song is about it. Sometimes I wonder why I couldn’t just live my life and make normal things like everyone else does, it makes me believe there’s something broken inside me that causes things not to work out. There are days when I find myself staring into space, without the strength to be able to think, thoughts get confused and a sense of guilt crushes me, leaving me helpless. It’s like my head is broken, inside something breaks and can’t be fixed, outside everything seems to be fine, because the deepest wounds are never visible on the surface.”

About working with Tired Violence, Giada continues, “I’m so proud and honored to have been able to collaborate with such a great talented artist. Tyler with his voice gave the song both sufferance and rage to express the emotional and mental state of the song. He captured the sense of hopelessness of the song I wrote and translated it with his own style and language. The result is pure magic.” Guest vocalist Tired Violence adds “I’m honored to have been asked to be a part of this track. It’s still a bit crazy to me because I am an artist and content creator who lives on the other side of the world I am kind of just winging it as a musician and a stay-at-home dad, yet I’m getting all of these really cool opportunities to work with such talented artists due to how easy it is to contact each other and collaborate in the modern day. It’s really exciting and fun. This track, itself, I feel could resonate with a lot of people. There are so many who are feeling so uncomfortable and incapable these days, and I hope this gives them a feeling of being understood and represented.”

My Head Is Broken by Violet Blend (feat. Tired Violence)In the new single My Head Is Broken by Violet Blend, lead singer and composer Giada Celeste Chelli’s vocals are the driving force behind the song, with her emotive delivery bringing an intense level of vulnerability to the track. Her voice soars and dips throughout the song, perfectly conveying the pain and anguish that the lyrics describe. But it’s the addition of Tired Violence‘s guest vocals that takes this track to the next level. His aggressive, raw vocal style provides a perfect counterpoint to Chelli’s more delicate approach. The two voices intertwine seamlessly, creating a powerful and captivating dynamic that draws listeners in and refuses to let go. The instrumentation on “My Head Is Broken” is also top-notch, with the band delivering a tight and dynamic performance that perfectly complements the vocal performances. The guitar work is particularly impressive with driving riffs, and a soaring saxaphone solo performed by Giada that add an extra layer of intensity to the track. Overall, “My Head Is Broken” is an outstanding hard rock ballad that showcases the immense talent of both Violet Blend and Tired Violence. The spellbinding vocal performances from Chelli and Tired Violence are the highlight of the track, but the instrumentation is also top-notch. Fans of hard rock and metalcore are sure to be blown away by this collaboration.

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Violet Blend discography
Voices In My Head (S) – 2022
(LP) – 2022
White Mask
(LP) – 2018

Violet Blend lineup
Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals, piano), Ferruccio Baroni (bass), Michel Agostini (drums)

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Photo: Angelo Mura


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