US release date scheduled for new Dead By Wednesday album


DEAD BY WEDNESDAY, featuring former Gargantua Soul drummer Christian “Opus” Lawrence have finished final mixes on their new album entitled THE KILLING PROJECT, the bands first studio album of all-new material since the critically-acclaimed debut Democracy Is Dead (Stillborn Records, 2006). A release date of October 28, 2008 has been set and the new album will be released by Eclipse Records.

THE KILLING PROJECT features 13 new songs covering topics such as the war in the Middle East, US foreign policy, and the rising cost of oil, among others. With politically-charged lyrics, DEAD BY WEDNESDAY hopes to raise awareness among America’s youth about the need for a change in our foreign and domestic policies.

“We want to be clear” explains Ceschi, one of the band’s two vocalists. “… this isn’t an endorsement for either candidate in this year’s up-coming election. It’s more about getting people to think for themselves, to not believe everything presented to us by the big media companies such as Fox News & CNN. It’s about getting them to really look at our government’s role in the majority of conflicts which have taken place over the last fifty years, to question their moral judgment, and to decide whether or not they agree with the path our nation has pursued.”

When one takes into consideration our past, it’s relatively easy to understand DEAD BY WEDNESDAY’s point of view. From the wars we have waged against the spread of communism in Vietnam and Korea, to the role our government has played in the backing of military coups in the Philippines and Chile, to the Iran Contra scandal in the 80’s, to the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, one thing is clear… we can’t continue waging wars abroad in the name of peace, or democracy. Doing so tarnishes the very definitions of peace and democracy.

“Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity” says Opus. “… all this death, and financial burden of this war will fall on the shoulders of our children. It’s not worth the damage we have caused to our nation’s reputation abroad. We have gone from being seen as the savior of all humanity from the evils in World War Two, to being seen as a scary monster that wages war against other nations with no evidence at all for a cause. Doesn’t anyone in government care about what the world thinks of us?”

Imagine the good we could have done for the world if all the money spent on war over the years was instead spent on education, medical research, alternative energy production, and housing the homeless. Perhaps our government doesn’t care what other countries think. Perhaps it’s time for a change, or our nation just might be dead by Wednesday.

The track listing for THE KILLING PROJECT is as follows:
1. Pawns
2. The Killing Project
3. Liberty
4. Chosen
5. Violent Tradition
6. Declaration of Inhumanity
7. Another World
8. Break The Walls
9. Part Of Me
10. Society’s Blood
11. Restitution
12. Araroba (Death of the Cure)
13. Fractured

Additional information on Dead By Wednesday can be found at the following websites:

The band’s first single entitled “Pawns” can be listened to in hi-quality streaming audio, and can also be downloaded for free in our free downloads section.

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