Track listing revealed for new Scum Of The Earth album


[B][URL=”″]Scum of the Earth[/URL][/B] (featuring x [B]Rob Zombie[/B] guitarist Riggs) is currently wrapping up recording sessions for the band’s second album entitled [B]SLEAZE FREAK[/B], to be released by [B]Eclipse Records[/B] later this year. “We decided to write 2 more songs for the album, so after wrapping up preliminary tracking at [B]Belt of Orion[/B] studios in Los Angeles, we took a little break to write some more material”, said Riggs. “I also needed to take care of a few things back home so we postponed recording for sessions for 2 months and now we have resumed, it’s great to be back to working on getting [B]Sleaze Freak[/B] wrapped up and into the hands of the fans, we’ve got some great new shit to record.”

The band is currently at [B]Studio 2100[/B] in Springfield, MO to finish tracking and mixing the new album, and expect to be finished by June 1st. When asked about a street date, Riggs replied “Eclipse hasn’t set one yet. Everybody’s been asking, but it makes sense what they’re doing, not setting the streetdate until we hand over the finished masters. Plus it’s allowing us to be a lot more creative, taking our time and not having a deadline looming over our heads… up until now.”

“[B]Sleaze Freak[/B]” tentative track listing (not in order):

01. [B]Bombshell From Hell[/B]
02. [B]Devilscum[/B]
03. [B]Love Pig[/B]
04. [B]Hate X 13[/B]
05. [B]Macabro Expectaculo[/B]
06. [B]I Am Monster[/B]
07. [B]Sleaze Freak[/B]
08. [B]Corpsegrinder[/B]
09. [B]Deathstomp[/B]
10. [B]Just Like Me[/B]
11. [B]Scum-O-Rama[/B]
12. [B]Devil Made Me Do It Again[/B]
13. [B]13 Freaks[/B]

Cover Art will be revealed within the next week.

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