‘The Beginning’ by Genus Ordinis Dei metal music short film now streaming on Thunderflix


Ground-breaking symphonic death metal band Genus Ordinis Dei have just announced that their latest metal music short film The Beginning is now streaming in its entirety via Thunderflix, the world’s premiere on-demand video streaming service dedicated exclusively to heavy metal music and culture.

The Beginning is an experience, so finely crafted it feels precious, almost religious. Thematically, we follow the journey of two siblings at the dawn of mankind, as they navigate a dangerous wilderness, fight with savage cannibals, and seek the truth behind religion and their god, all set to a fantastically-brutal metal music soundtrack. Throughout their journey, we see our own reflections in the beautiful violence, the glorious savagery, and the power of love and betrayal. From the beginning to the end, the short film is an awakening. A red dawn. An experience. The short film was written & directed by Genus Ordinis Dei and filmed by Steve Saints.

Watch The Beginning right now on Thunderflix at this location.

The Beginning was originally released as four separate music video episodes, during the promotion of the band’s latest full-length concept album The Beginning which was recently released worldwide via Eclipse Records. The album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommaso Monticelli at Sonitus Studio in Crema, Italy. Listen to the entire full-length concept album on all platforms worldwide via this location

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Genus Ordinis Dei discography
The Beginning (LP) – 2023
Glare of Deliverance
(LP) – 2020
Great Olden Dynasty (LP) – 2017
The Middle (LP) – 2015

Genus Ordinis Dei lineup
Nick K (vox & guitars), Tommy Monticelli (guitars & orchestra), Nico Pedrali (drums)

Genus Ordinis Dei


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