Swept to Sea reveal “Shards of Your Reflection” music video & single, new EP


San Francisco Bay area metalcore band Swept to Sea have just revealed a new music video for their new single “Shards of Your Reflection“, as well as announcing the ability to pre-order their upcoming debut EP album Tides which is scheduled to be released on December 2, 2022 via Eclipse Records. The music video was directed by Pedro Salgado. Stream or download the single on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, Tidal, or Deezer and watch the video via YouTube below:

“Shards made a lot of sense as our first single” says guitarist Jeno Fox. “The song really captured our different musical tastes in a fun haunting song that had very visual lyrics which we wanted to capture in the video. It took a lot of time to set up the sets in a way that would give the haunted house vibes any justice. In the end, we feel as though we told a really scary story and got the visuals we all thought of when writing the song. In the video you can see all the band members in tattered black clothing, and the ‘ghost’ woman who often appears in the background of the footage, and a ritual scene which ultimately led to the origin of the ghost. Vocalist Ernest Munoz adds, If you zoom in close enough on my head, you will see a shard of your reflection hahaha… but yeah it was just too hot up there. At least the huge coolers in the warehouse helped cool us down. The difference in temperatures when we walked up and down the stairs felt like stepping into two different planes of existence.”

Tides by Swept To SeaTides by Swept to Sea is a six song EP that draws its influences of the Northern European kind, encountering a massive fist fight with both Groove and American Metalcore. The aftermath of this fistful of Metal is brutal, bludgeoning, and bloody, yet also portrays a variety of emotional states that deliver reality right in one’s face.

Pre-order / Pre-save Tides at https://ffm.to/ststides

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Swept to Sea discography
Tides (EP) 2022

Swept to Sea lineup
Ernest Munoz (vocals), Jeno Fox (guitar), Gio Fox (guitar), Gabriel Paulos (drums), Sean Kameny (bass)

Swept to Sea

Photo: Jake Herbig


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