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NEW METAL RELEASE: Stalked By Daemons

Stalked by Daemons by State of DeceitStalked By Daemons (LP album) by State of Deceit is out now! Download now on iTunes or Amazon MP3, and stream the album via Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Pandora, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube Music, and more at this location.

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State of Deceit are the epitome of metal at its core, at its roots. Metal artists are often social mysteries, but that is finally beside the point. Sometimes, they start social trends for the sake of leading the pack or demonstrating to us our own ironies, but in the end, all of that is just pomp and circumstance. Rock is about making tile. Rock is about the basement and the garage, and the idea that hard practice can make you a superstar. State of Deceit offer us a distinct, instrumental layering technique as the songs on Stalked by Daemons bring us into their process and into their world brick by brick. The first single “Stalked by Daemons, Guarded by Angels” is a song with verses that blast you in the face and a chorus that hits you in the heart. Here, State of Deceit crafts their trademark dead-stops like ghosts on the asphalt erupting to double time: rockets, hot fuel, jet stream, and fireworks. “At What Cost” is the second single and it kicks off with a bold funky bass riff and aggressive growl vocals backed by sharp, sweet hummingbird sixteenths. Add a traditional anthem vocal, and the set-up is complete for the blistering lead guitar shred that will make Eddie Van Halen open his eyes and smile from heaven. Third on deck is “Demi-God”, a song with layered guitar, as if State of Deceit are constructing a fortress, one wedge of slate at a time, letting us in on the building process. The solo guitar track has harmony leads as if royalty is entering the stronghold, and the tremolo is a volcano. Also of particular note is “Withered” which features fast picking and pull-offs that give a salute to Avenged Sevenfold, then a super-groove that makes us breathe deeper, try harder, and live bigger. It is as if a wild musician is loose in a guitar shop, showcasing melodic riffs, chop-shop patterns, key changes, and ungodly velocity.

This album was produced by Tim Hamill (Anterior) at Sonic One Studio, and the album artwork & layout was done by Pierre-Alain D. of 3mmi Design. Debut records are often brilliant, daring, and new. Stalked by Daemons is all that, through and through track to track, but the most significant difference is that this band doesn’t have the feel of a neophyte. They have swag. Like champions. Like Kings. Like they were meant for this. Stalked by Daemons by State of Deceit will be released by Eclipse Records on October 13, 2023.

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Stalked by Daemons by State of Deceit

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