SOTE begin pre-production on second album…


Scum of the Earth, featuring x-Rob Zombie guitarist RIGGS have begun pre-production on their follow-up to the successful debut album, “Blah…Blah…Blah… Love Songs for the New Millennium“. The new album is planned to be released by Eclipse Records in late 2006. The band states on their official website that “We have started pre-production for the new scum CD . There are 8 songs finished so far, and its turning out to be a bone-crushing, stripper extravaganza… We have a temp title of SLEAZE FREAK, among others. Check back soon for more updates…”.
Label president Chris Poland says, “I have heard some demo tracks of 3-4 tunes that Riggs emailed me on mp3 and i have to say I haven’t stopped playing them on my PC. They are the sickest guitar grinds and go-go beats I have heard yet from this amazing musician who’s creativity seems to know no boundaries. While some are heavy and pulse-oriented as you might expect, others are quite eerie and almost surreal in nature, a true contrast from song to song, and I just can’t wait to hear the finished product. I know the legions of fans will be pleased with the end result.”

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