Sifting reveal ground-breaking new Epsilon music video


SIFTING take shred to a whole new level in their ground-breaking new Epsilon music video

Los Angeles, CA’s progressive rock/metal outfit Sifting have taken the art of progressive shred to a whole new level with their ground-breaking new music video for the song ‘Epsilon’. This is the fourth music video taken from their new album Not From Here which was released on September 29th via Eclipse Records. The video was directed by James Freeman in one carefully choreographed extremely-difficult seven-minute “long take shot”, which is also referred to as a “Spielberg Oner” by film critics. In addition, the video features guest appearances by Yonathan Gavidia on percussion (Latin Grammy nominee), and Caroline Chien-Galbraith on cello.

Shooting Epsilon was extremely challenging; not only because it’s our most difficult song to play, but because we decided to go with a “single shot” for this particular video” says frontman Eduardo Osuna Gil. “We wanted to do something that hasn’t really been done before in the realm of music videos.” Director James Freeman adds, “the biggest challenge was choreographing the band’s movement along with the camera’s movement. A few days prior to production we had a rehearsal and we put together a rough idea of what would work on the stage. But when we arrived at the stage, it was a much smaller space than we had anticipated, so we adapted to the circumstances and made the set look like the bands rehearsal space.

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