Scum of the Earth new album progress…


Riggs and company have been hard at work writing the new album, and preparing for the recording sessions planned for the month of January in Los Angeles. Album title is still to be determined, however some tentative song titles include “Sleazefreak”, “Hate x 13”, “I Am Monster”, “Bombshell From Hell” and more.

“I have been receiving mp3s from Riggs of the music every few weeks, as it’s being written.” says Chris Poland, President of Eclipse Records. “It’s been really cool to see the progress and actually witness the changes, and growth of each individual song. Riggs’s brilliance & versatility never ceases to amaze me and I’m sure all the Rob Zombie fans that stuck with Riggs since his departure (as wll as the many new fans the band made on their debut album), will not be disappointed. We just can’t wait to unleash this second cd from the band to the public.”

The album’s planned for release in early 2007, however a street date won’t be set until after it is completed.

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